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Bride, 8, dies of injuries on wedding night in Yemen

Rawan dies hours after marrying a man more than five times her age

  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief
  • Published: 16:17 September 8, 2013
  • Gulf News

Manama: Kuwaitis have called for stringent action against a family in Yemen after their eight-year-old daughter died of internal injuries on the first night of her arranged marriage to a man more than five times her age.

Rawan died in city of Hardh in the Governorate of Hajjah in northwestern Yemen, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported on Sunday, quoting Yemeni media.

She is believed to have suffered a tear to her genitals and severe bleeding.

Yemeni activists urged the local police to arrest the “beastly groom” and the girl’s family and transfer them to a court where justice would be served and the case would be used to help put an end to the practice of marrying very young girls in the impoverished country, the daily said.

In Kuwait, bloggers offered their prayers for the “bride”, but lashed out at the “groom”, saying that he was a beast who should be severely punished.

Angry Man, a blogger, posted that the man was “an animal who deserved to be punished severely for his crime.”

“All those who supported such a crime should also be punished,” he said.

Under the moniker “Sad”, another blogger said that everybody should have realised that Rawan was too young to get married.

“Her family and her groom could have waited for some time before having this marriage,” Sad said. “It was not fair at all and the marriage should not have happened even if some tribes believe that it is a good custom.”

Bu Omar said that he was disturbed by the death report.

“Rawan’s family members are not humans. They do not deserve to have children,” he said.

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  1. Added 19:10 September 9, 2013

    Are they even human? How can they do that to that little girl!? And that man should be punished severely!!!!!

    Layla, Copenhagen, Denmark

  2. Added 18:40 September 9, 2013

    Do these people live in the 21st century?

    sly, nyc, United States

  3. Added 18:27 September 9, 2013

    Look at the report where in 2009 a Yemeni Law set the minimum age of a bride at 17 yrs. but was repealed as law makers deemed it un-Islamic. That is Murder and those who repealed the law would have been men with no morals and use religion as an excuse They have BLOOD on their hands. I belive any religion has it's virtues, it's people, more so the leaders who use religion as an excuse.

    Hector de Santos, Melbourne, Australia

  4. Added 18:18 September 9, 2013

    Backwards culture. Ignorant people. Religious fanatics. Rampant sex discrimination and abuse. Need I say more?

    Johnny Chimpo, Oakville, Canada

  5. Added 17:14 September 9, 2013

    People around the world hear of this and come to the wrong conclusions, assuming this sort of practice has to do with religion or cultural stereotypes where women are treated as second class citizens. This is not the first time we hear about child brides and men asserting their dominace of women- how many more stories will come out of these places. We hear of protests but not of any progress; nothing changes. When the western countries judge your country harshly, look at the reasons that you are giving then to work with.

    David, New York, United States

  6. Added 15:57 September 9, 2013

    All Involved should get maximum punishment for their human act towards the young girl.Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. May Allah rest her soul in peace and in paradise.AMEEN

    Rashid Al Habsi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 15:46 September 9, 2013

    I think the parents should receive the death penalty first, for committing such a horrendous act against their own little girl. What is wrong with people? Even if they are uneducated, its mere common sense that should prevent them for marrying off their LITTLE 8 YEAR OLD child to a lunatic who is just as bad as the foolish losers who call themselves parents. Parents are supposed to protect their children.

    Michelle, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 15:11 September 9, 2013

    Very Sad! I agree that this crime is worst than a terrorist attack. We hear such incidents and find people commenting and protesting. Don't really know how long it will take to put an end to such happenings. I think, governments should take it as top priority and resolve. We must have system wherein the marriage should happen only after approval from government body who would be responsible to analyse all details of both parties and carry out necessary verifications.

    Kauser Sultana, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 15:10 September 9, 2013

    OH God ! , eight year old got married ???? are they human ???? what type for relation was that ???? how can parents agree to put her daughter in such relation ... means putting meat in front of hungry dogs... The groom he is sick and abnormal

    Shahab Ahmad, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  10. Added 15:08 September 9, 2013

    Hang the "groom" and the evil parents of the poor murdered girl. This will send a clear message.

    Yanni, Perth, Australia

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