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Season's heaviest rain in UAE

Rain and thunderstorms are expected to hit nation and the current unsettled weather pattern will continue

  • By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief, Al Ain
  • Published: 12:04 December 13, 2009

  • Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty, Gulf News
  • Traffic block on Najda steet in Abu Dhabi this morning.
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The UAE has received season’s heaviest rainfall today which was particularly higher in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Rain and thunderstorms are expected to hit nation and the current unsettled weather pattern will continue.

The weather bureau has recorded more than 60 millimetres of rain in Al Foa, a suburban town in Al Ain, 24.4 millimetres over Jebel Hafeat, and 20 millimetres at Al Ain International Airport. Abu Dhabi has received 33.1 millimetres of rain until this morning and Dubai has also received intermittent rain.

Rain water has inundated different areas, including streets, roundabouts, and markets in Al Ain city, forcing people to stay in-door. Attendance in school and office was also affected as the city was receiving heavy down power at around 7am.

According to National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS), conditions will continue to be cloudy in most areas in the country, particularly in coastal areas, mountains, and islands in the Arabian Gulf. An official at Dubai Met Office said the rain and thunderstorms would continue throughout the day.

The sea is also rough and vehicular traffic on roads is also affected. A big traffic jam was reported by a commuter on Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Road near Bani Yas, a town outside Abu Dhabi city. “We have been stuck for more than an hour,” said Sarkar Haider, a motorists.
The maximum temperature is expected to be 24 degree Celsius and minimum will be 19 degree Celsius in Dubai and most of the other parts of the emirates.


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