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RTA: Renewed licences can soon be sent by post

Motorists will soon be able to have their renewed vehicle registration cards and drivers’ licences sent to them by post, free of cost, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced.

  • By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 14:53 September 25, 2012

UAE driving licence
  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • UAE driving licence. Photo for illustrative purposes only.

Dubai Motorists will soon be able to have their renewed vehicle registration cards and drivers’ licences sent to them by post, free of charge, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced.

The new service, set to be launched early next year, comes as an additional service to the existing delivery option by courier at a cost of Dh20. Motorists will also be able to continue directly collecting their cards from RTA.

“From early 2013, customers will have the option to have vehicle registration and driver licence cards sent to their post office box as either standard mail or as registered mail,” Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of the Licensing Agency at RTA, said.
Communications channel

While courier delivery takes four working days, the postal service takes seven working days. With the new postal services, the RTA will have one more channel to communicate to its customers, he said.

“In addition to sending email and SMS reminders about renewal of vehicles and licences, RTA will start reminders through post as well”.

Postal reminders on vehicle registration renewal will begin in October, while the postal reminder on driving licence renewal will begin later this year.

Annually RTA sends out 1.3 million reminders to customers, he said.

The service was launched in partnership with the Electronic Documents Centre (EDC), part of Emirates Post.

The reminders will include government and community information and paid advertising, the revenue from which will allow RTA to offer the postal service free of charge to customers, Behroozian said.

The process of renewal is also elaborated on the notification.
EDC will manage advertising, printing and sending the packages to client post boxes, Abdullah Al Hammadi, CEO of EDC said.

Of the 1.08 million vehicles registered in Dubai, about 10 per cent have expired registration cards, according to RTA.

With increased modes of reminders, RTA hopes to encourage motorists to renew their documents on time, said Behroozian. He also assured motorists that no personal data will be provided to advertisers.

In order to update the post box numbers of motorists RTA will now ask to confirm it when a transaction is being processed.


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