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Few easy steps to own a car

This week's UAEssentials is all about what people have to do when they decide to want to buy a vehicle and, if it is second hand, transfer the ownership.

  • By Siham Al Najami and Daniel Bardsley, Staff Reporters
  • Published: 00:00 October 14, 2006
  • Gulf News

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  • Although the traffic can be very heavy at times, driving in the country can be a joy with wide, well-maintained roads that are a driver's dream.

There can be few countries in the world where it is more essential to get a car than it is in the UAE.

Although the traffic can be very heavy at times, driving in the country can be a joy with wide, well-maintained roads that are a driver's dream.

But you can't go driving on them unless you have a car and this week's UAEssentials is all about what people have to do when they decide to want to buy a vehicle and, if it is second hand, transfer the ownership.

In Dubai, before you start, there are several documents that must be gathered together in order to buy the vehicle.

If like many people you are financing the purchase through a bank loan, you must bring along to the branch your original UAE driving licence, as well as a copy, a copy of your passport, including the residence visa page, a salary certificate from your employer and three months of bank statements.

From then on, things are much simpler if you are buying a new car, as the dealer is responsible for insuring and registering the car.

If however, you have decided to dive into the second-hand market, there are several extra things to consider as you will have to transfer ownership of the car and ensure it is properly insured and tested.

Ownership is transferred through a vehicle licensing centre or the Traffic Police Headquarters.

When transferring ownership in Dubai, bring along your original passport and a copy, your UAE driving licence, a copy of your residence visa, the car's registration card, the original insurance document, the licence plates and the relevant fees.

The person selling the car to you must go with you to sign the documents to allow the transfer of ownership and they must bring along a passport copy and a copy of their residence permit.


At this stage the vehicle's records will be checked to ensure the person selling the car is the legitimate owner and there are no outstanding fines.

If the car is already insured under the previous owner, this insurance can be transferred to the purchaser. Alternatively, if the vehicle is being bought from a dealer, you must take the sale deed letter with you.

Once all the relevant documents have been submitted, you have to pay the ownership transfer fee (Dh320) plus additional fees and soon afterwards the new vehicle registration document, which is credit card sized, will be issued. For more details contact the Vehicle Licensing Department at the Road Traffic Authority on 04-217-2221 or 04-217-2229. Alternatively, contact Tasjeel in Al Aweer on 04-333-1510.

Vehicles over two years old must be tested (Dh50) annually at an Eppco Tasjeel Centre, an Emarat Shamil Centre or another accredited outlet. Don't forget to bring along the registration card.

Transfer: Documents needed to complete process

In Abu Dhabi:

To transfer ownership, you must visit the Police Traffic Department along with the person the vehicle is being bought from.

Bring along the insurance certificate of the vehicle under the name of the new owner, your original passport and a copy and a UAE residence visa.

Hand over the vehicle registration document and licence plates, pay the necessary fees and the new vehicle registration document will be issued.

For more information, contact Abu Dhabi Traffic & Licensing Department on 02-419-5555.

In Ajman

Registering, testing and transferring car ownership and paying the fees can all be done at the Ajman Traffic Department. The car should be insured at any insurance company. The cost of car registration is Dh370 plus additional fees. For more details, ring 06-742-4999.

In Sharjah

Car registration, testing, insurance and ownership transfer can be done at Tasjeel Auto Village on the Emirates Road in Sharjah. For details, call 06-548-7111.

The total cost of car registration is Dh350 in addition to which there are vehicle testing fees and other related fees. For full details, call 06-538-1111.

Your comments

Please clarify this with the owner. When I buy a vehicle from the owner. I give him the cash in good faith. Now the issue is to transfer ownership to me. What happens if I cannot get the proper papers and he will not sign the vehicle over to me after the cash transaction is done? He denies he sold the vehicle to me at all? Who protects me in the end? Please clarify as I think this needs more clarity in future. I also find it strange that when I buy a vehicle through the bank, I need to register the vehicle under my name first before they finance the vehicle? What happens if all this is done and the owner of the vehicle I want to buy decides to cancel the deal all together? Am I liable for bank costs in the end? Who protects the buyer in this case? I feel that the bank should have a legal say as to what needs to be done since they are financing the vehicle and they have ownership until I complete my finance agreement with them. So what are the legal process when a buyer is faced with huge transfer of ownership legality?
Abu Dhabi,UAE

Is the insurance available for owned as well as rent a car in first 6 months of getting new driving licence?

I would like to buy a second-hand car from one of my friends and I need to get a bank loan. Does anyone know the proper procedure on paying the owner of the car?

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