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Abu Dhabi taxi fares hiked

Taxi fares in Abu Dhabi have been increased with effect from Sunday, the taxi regulatory authority in the capital TransAD announced on Thursday.

  • By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 23:08 February 12, 2009
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News
  • Residents cross Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Abu Dhabi: Taxi fares in Abu Dhabi have been increased with effect from Sunday, the taxi regulatory authority in the capital TransAD announced on Thursday.

"Flagfall prices will go up from Dh2.60 to Dh3," said Abdullah Sultan Al Sabbagh, the general manager of TransAD.

The increase, however, is applicable only to the silver taxis. The fares for the gold and white coloured (old) taxis will remain the same as they are in the process of being phased out by end of 2010, officials said.

As per the revised tariff, the rate per kilometre for all silver taxis will increase to Dh1 per kilometre as compared to 0.65 fils before.

Waiting charges will be Dh30 per hour, that is, if a cab waits for more than five minutes, 50 fils will be charged per minute. At present the waiting charge is Dh 15 per hour at the rate of 25 fils per minute.

And hiring a cab at night will cost 20 per cent more than the day time rates. Day time charges will apply between 6am to 9.59 pm.

"Driver added extra charges such as double tariffs for inter-emirate journeys, Dh10 extra for airport drop offs and salik charges will be eliminated making it impossible for drivers to incorrectly add any charge to the meter", Al Sabbagh said.

"Trips to Dubai meant doubling of the tariff on the metre, this system will not be allowed. Instead, after 50 kilometres the rate per kilometre will increase to Dh 1.5," he explained.

There will no longer by two types of silver taxis either. "Currently we have standard taxis [with yellow roof lights] and premium taxis [with white roof lights]. Now on, we will only have silver taxis with yellow roof lights in the city," he said, adding that in the coming weeks all white roof lights will be taken off and replaced with yellow ones.

"We have completed our establishment phase and are now in the developmental phase. The focus now is to improve the services offered to the public". The authority has constantly enhanced its services, he said, citing the taxi Tracking and Dispatch system as an example.

Speaking of upcoming projects, he said the authority aims to recruit drivers from 22 different nationalities.

"These drivers will be trained on various aspects such as customers care," Al Sabbagh said.

  • Dh1.5 rate charged per km after first 50kms
  • Dh3 flagfall price of Abu Dhabi taxis
  • Dh30 per hour waiting fee for taxis
  • 20% increase in cost of night taxis

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