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Taxi drivers get to take a break

New rest stop will serve as a leisure and entertainment venue

  • By Staff Reporter
  • Published: 23:00 January 4, 2013
  • Gulf News

Dubai: Cabbies working with Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) now has a new dedicated place to hang out, as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) opens the ‘Union Rest House’ in Muhaisna.

The rest house, which is opened as part of 41st UAE National Day celebrations, will serve as an entertainment and leisure venue for the taxi drivers.

DTC CEO, Yousuf Mohammad Al Ali, said that the resthouse is part of RTA’s efforts to offer cabbies more time and opportunity to relax.

“This would help them work better and step up the DTC’s operational efficiency and contribute to the customer satisfaction rating,” said Al Ali.

Al Ali reiterated DTC’s attention to launching numerous initiatives and projects to up the satisfaction of cabbies and give them full qualifying courses before deploying them on taxicabs in an effort to groom them as DTC ambassadors.

The Rest House, which will receive hordes of cab drivers and staff members every day, houses a garden with comfortable seating arrangements, adequate lighting, a restaurant and a stage with high quality sound system.

“The DTC is keen on providing all means of comfort for more than 8,000 cabdrivers hailing from 31 nationalities deployed on a shifts system, in addition to a host of programmes and competition such as football and cricket tournaments between franchise companies. It also holds excursions for drivers and employees in a bid to foster the bonds between them,” said Al Ali.

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