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Sharjah Transport hikes taxi fares to Dubai by Dh3

An additional Dh3 is being added to the Dh20 fare

  • By Jumana Khamis, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 21:00 July 4, 2013
  • Gulf News

Sharjah: Sharjah Transport has announced that taxi fare counters will now add an additional Dh3 to the Dh20 tariff charged when travelling to Dubai. Passengers using Sharjah Taxis between 6am to 10.59pm will be charged an extra Dh3 where as passengers travelling between 11pm and 5.59am will be charged an extra Dh4.

The extra charge will be added to the Dh20 charge when travelling to Dubai.

The announcement was in response to a number of queries by passengers who were concerned with the increase. The taxi fare will not include the charges from any Salik Toll Gates that the taxi drives pass through during the trip. Salik charges are added to the total fare of the trip.

A fare chart displaying the additional charges for trips within Sharjah as well as trips to other emirates are available inside every taxi, added Al Jarwan.

Ahmad Khaleel, an accountant working in Dubai, said: “I think that increasing cab fares is totally unnecessary and unfair. Cab users are already paying a high fee for transporting between emirates.”

Another unhappy resident, Rupak Thampan, an auditor, added: “As a Sharjah resident I am definitely not happy about this. These charges will affect many people who already pay high cab bills.”

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  1. Added 12:53 July 5, 2013

    I think this is not the time to increase the charges as well. Because the charge is already high Even though i am coming in the weekends. But i can't able to afford this much and taxi charge as 20 already is a good amount. Then why the extra charge ! It is not required now in this situation and the other charges are already there

    Anil, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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