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Visionary who founded a modern city

Shaikh Rashid made great efforts to achieve comprehensive development.

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  • Published: 15:01 January 2, 2009
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  • Shaikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Mualla has said he wanted to be mentioned in history as a fair ruler who tried his best to make his people enjoy the greatest deal of welfare.
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Umm Al Quwain: Shaikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Mualla, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Umm Al Quwain, was born in 1932. He descends from the Al Ali tribe, knows as the nobility of Rabeea Tribe.

During Shaikh Rashid's era, the emirate has enjoyed development and stability due to his farsightedness and sharp vision as well as his wisdom in tackling problems and discharging his emirate's affairs.

Shaikh Rashid inherited his character from his father Shaikh Ahmad Bin Rashid, who was a wise, fair, humble and tolerant ruler. He was asked once about how he wants his image to be in history, he replied, saying "I want to be mentioned in history as a fair ruler who tried his best to make his people enjoy the greatest amount of welfare, and that I had dedicated my life to preserve noble values that were followed by our ancestors."

He was selected by his father to chair the municipality in 1968, after he exerted continuous effort to develop the emirate's facilities and public utilities. Later, he was appointed as a head of his father's office.

Shaikh Rashid was one of the federation's pioneers and has witnessed the age of progress and prosperity in all social, cultural and economic fields.

He supported every constructive work morally and financially.

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Shaikh Rashid spent his childhood within a society of well-rooted values and traditions, following his forefathers who were known for their originality and dignity.

At the hands of specialised teachers, he learned reading and writing and skills of writing poetry. He spent his early age between the wide desert expanses and coasts and falajs (canals) of Umm Al Quwain, where he acquired patience, boldness, open mindedness, and ambition. He was characterised by his calm behaviour, and strong personality. He was philanthropic, modest, and left an impression of peace and intimacy on all those he met.


He acquired the wisdom of cooling down disputes from his father. He was known for his good temper, generosity, and decency.

The development process in Umm Al Quwain started as early as 1981, when Shaikh Rashid came to power. He made great efforts to gear up a comprehensive development in economic, and social fields. He issued his instructions in 1995 for setting up the Economic Department.

The economic, commercial and industrial development sector received great support that turned Umm Al Quwain into a modern city. To this effect the Economic Department was set up.

In the area of economic movement, and in line with the instructions of Shaikh Rashid, the Umm Al Quwain Customs Department has worked hard to increase commercial exchange with countries all over the world via land and sea exits and airports. The department has also doubled its efforts to develop mutual cooperation relations with GCC countries, so as to support the Gulf action.

The water and electricity sector has gained a great attention from Shaikh Rashid. He paid special attention to improving infrastructure in the emirate and creating job opportunities.

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