Abu Dhabi: People are being killed by preventable hospital errors and neglect, the Federal National Council (FNC) was told on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, medical errors recurred during surgical procedures and caused deaths, even during simple operations,'' said Salem Mohammad Al Naqbi, an FNC member.

This proves how dangerous it is to be in a hospital, he said. “So what's causing all these deaths in the first place and what did the Ministry of Health do to prevent these errors and complications during surgical procedures, including post-operative infections that result in death?'' questioned the FNC member.

Humaid Al Qutami, Minister of Health, wasn't present at the FNC meeting, but sent a written statement: The ministry took several measures, including issuing the medical liability clause and establishing a committee to look into medical errors and determine who is responsible and ways to prevent them.

Training and receiving internationally-renowned doctors were among the measures taken by the ministry, according to Al Qutami's statement.

The House rejected the statement and demanded that the minister show up at the session. If we had taken enough measures to prevent these errors, we would have far fewer deaths and great improvement in patient care, said Al Naqbi, the FNC member.