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Citizenship of 6 naturalised Emiratis revoked by President

They carried out acts that endanger the security of the country and its safety

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  • Published: 11:36 December 22, 2011

Abu Dhabi: President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued an order to withdraw citizenship from six naturalised persons for committing acts posing a threat to the state’s security and safety, a source at the General Administration for Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs (GANRPA) has stated.

According to the President’s order issued on December 4, 2011, citizenship will be revoked from the following:

1. Hussain Munif Abdullah Hassan Al Jaberi (granted UAE nationality by naturalization on 24.5.1976)

2. Hassan Munif Abdullah Hassan Al Jaberi (granted UAE nationality by naturalization on 24.5.1976)

3. Ebrahim Hassan Ali Hassan Al Marzouqi (granted UAE nationality by naturalization on 11.3.1979)

4. Shaheen Abdullah Malallah Haider Al Hosani (granted UAE nationality by naturalization on 18.11.1976)

5. Ali Hussain Ahmad Ali Al Hammadi (granted UAE nationality by naturalization on 3.6.1986)

6. Mohammad Abdul Razzaq Mohammad Al Siddiq Al Obaidli (granted UAE nationality by naturalization on 19.7.1976)

The source explained that the concerned authorities had granted those persons, who were originally carried the nationality of other countries, the UAE citizenship by naturalisation.

He added that those persons had perpetrated over the past years acts threatening the national security of the UAE through their connection with suspicious regional and international organizations and personalities.

Some of them, he said, had connections with suspicious organisations and societies classified in the United Nations lists to combating terrorism financing.

The source said Article (16) of the Naturalisation Law no 17 of 1972 and its amended law stipulate the withdrawal of citizenship from the naturalised person “if he commits or attempts to commit an act that poses threat to the security and safety of the State”.

“This resolution is an act of State sovereignty,'' the source at the GANRPA said.

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