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CBSE class 10 results: 100% success in many UAE schools

6,000 students from 53 schools meet grade expectations in examinations

  • By Shafaat Shahbandari, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 May 25, 2012
  • Gulf News

Students discuss questions from the physics CBSE exam
  • Image Credit: Megan Hirons Mahon/Gulf News
  • Students discuss questions from the physics CBSE examination they just completed at the Our Own English High School, Dubai (Picture used for illustrative purpose). The class 10 results for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams were announced Thursday, with 98 per cent of the students qualifying for higher studies
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Dubai: The class 10 results for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams were announced Thursday, with 98 per cent of the students qualifying for higher studies.

Around 6,000 candidates from 53 schools were registered for class 10 examinations from the UAE this year, out of the overall 1,179,182 students from across India and different parts of the world.

Under the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE) initiated a couple of years ago, exams were conducted through summative assessments in two modes — board based and school based. The new system ensures that there is not one topper, rather the students are awarded grades.


Several schools have secured 100 per cent results this year, with Indian High School Dubai, which sent 600 girls and boys for the exams, having 79 students scoring A1 grades in all subjects or the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 10. The school also had 47.2 per cent of its students scoring CGPA of 9 and above.

Talking about the results, Ashok Kumar, CEO of Indian High School and one of the board members of CBSE, said that the results this year are excellent and better than last year.

Delhi Private School, Sharjah has also achieved 100 per cent results, with 23 per cent students acquiring a CGPA of 10 with a grading of A1 in all the subjects. 85 per cent students registered a CGPA of 8 and above. The total number of students appeared from the school this year were 338 and all of them passed with 1st Division.

The Central School Dubai, which sent 82 students for the exams, also achieved 100 per cent results, while Indian Excellent Private School, Sharjah, also scored 100 per cent results.

New Indian Model School (NIMS), Dubai, sent 289 students for the exams out of which 41 students got full 10 CGPA. 61 students got more than 9 grade points.

In Abu Dhabi, The Model School, which presented 34 students for the CBSE grade X examinations has also secure 100 per cent results.

Girls outshine boys

Girl students outperformed boys in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 10 examinations, the results of which were released yesterday.

Girls recorded a pass percentage of 98.48 against the 97.98 percent for boys. This year, the overall pass percentage rose 98.19 from 96.61 in 2011. "In total, 1,179,182 candidates were registered for class 10 examination this year (2012). This amounts for an increase of about 11 per cent candidates over that of last year," said a CBSE official statement.

"Overall percentage of candidates qualified for admission in higher classes is 99.45 in Chennai Region, which is the highest as compared to other regions," the statement added.


Comments (3)

  1. Added 16:21 May 25, 2012

    Congratulations to Grade 10 students. especially to Parth Desai and the like. It is a great acheivement. Keep it up at every step in future

    Mrs Leo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 15:37 May 25, 2012

    congrats all dear students....pursue your desired group now......

    arp, rak, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 15:23 May 25, 2012

    Congratulations to all sudents in UAE for 10th CBSE success. Proud to be Parent of my son Parth Desai who has scored CGPA 10 in 10th CBSE in EESS Dubai

    Pallavi Desai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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