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Dubai taxi users urged to take care of their belongings

Growing incidents of passengers' lost items lead to number of complaints

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  • Published: 15:31 September 4, 2012
  • Gulf News

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  • In case of a lost item in taxis, customers are urged to register a complaint through the call centre (8009090), DTC website (, or RTA website (

Dubai: As the number of complaints about lost items in taxis increases, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has urged passengers to take better care of their belongings.

In case of a lost item in taxis, customers are urged to register a complaint through the call centre (8009090), DTC website (, or RTA website (

Customers are advised to take note of the side number of the vehicle for any complaints, along with some details about the trip, such as the time, place and fare, in order to exactly identify the driver concerned.

Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Resources and Support, and Head of Complaints and Suggestions Committee at DTC, said: “Through the online Customers Relations Management (CRM) System, the DTC is tracking on daily basis all customer complaints.”

The DTC is working on ways to reduce the number of complaints and increase customer satisfaction.

Following the registration of the complaint in the CRM system, the complaint is transferred to the Investigations Bureau which is fitted with sophisticated systems to help verify the complaint, and accordingly contact the client and summon the cab driver for investigation about the circumstances of the complaint in light of investigation.

In cases where the complaint is verified, the penalties provided for in DTC’s penal regulations will be implemented.

The occurrence will be entered in the system and the client will receive a text notification that the complaint will be signed off within a period not exceeding 7 working days.

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  1. Added 14:41 September 5, 2012

    i suggest, as we see in metro, with the small cameras which can be monitored from RTA. which would make the passengers safe in any sort of danger or other matters involved.

    Femid Najeeb, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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