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‘Baby snatch’ parents face charges

Couple charged with neglect after baby is snatched when their car is stolen

  • By Aghaddir Ali, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 21:20 August 30, 2012
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police
  • ‘Never we will do this matter again or leave one of our daughters alone in the car,’ Ehsan said.

Sharjah: The parents at the centre of the seven-hour Sharjah baby snatch drama have been charged with neglect. Sharjah Police confirmed the move on Thursday after registering a case against the parents of Lailas Ehssan.

The child was taken earlier this month when her parents’ car was stolen from a petrol station in Industrial Area 6 in Sharjah.

They left her in the back seat of their white Toyota Prado, with the engine still running in the unlocked car, as they went inside the station.

Within minutes a thief got behind the wheel and sped off, taking Syrian Mohammad Ehssan’s baby daughter with the car.

By 1am, Sharjah Police posted pleas on their Twitter and Facebook pages, asking for help to find the child, releasing the make, model and registration of the car.

The child was only returned after heroic Ebrahim Ahmad Al Shamsi responded to the online police appeals and went searching for the baby in his car.

He bravely tracked her down and alerted police who reunited the child with her parents.

Sharjah Police have since rewarded Emirati Al Shamsi for his courageous efforts.

Now they have taken action against the child’s parents.

Speaking to Gulf News, Mohammad Ehssan, father of one month old Lailas, described the moment his child went missing.

The 34-year-old said: “I did not think for a while that Lilas will be snatched with the car.

“I have two daughters Limar aged three-and-a-half and Lailas.”

Ehssan, from Al Ain but visiting relatives in Sharjah for Eid, said he went with his wife Ruba to buy a gas stove from the industrial area 6 in Sharjah.

“Limar went with her mother to the toilet”

“By the time we were done, we went outside to find the car snatched with our baby inside.

“We spent those seven hours praying and asking God to return our daughter safely.

“Her mother was crying and weeping all the time.

“When police found Lailas and took her to hospital, we ran to see her.

“I took my little girl in between my arms and lay on the ground crying, her mother too.

“Never we will do this matter again or leave one of our daughters alone in the car or even leave the car in a running condition.

“Thanks to Sharjah Police and Al Shamsi who jumped to the scene and responded to Sharjah police’s plea to find my little girl,” Ehssan said.

“During the coming days I will meet Al Shamsi to thank him again,” he added.

The couple have been referred to public prosecution and to the court.

A date will be set for a judge to hear a ruling against them.

Comments (5)

  1. Added 17:30 August 31, 2012

    I feel it is fair to the child that her parents face charges. It pains to see so many parents neglecting their children, be it a little. The other day we witnessed a woman in the food court with her friends and her baby. The baby mistakenly fell down the table, and the woman was so embarrassed in front of her friends. Instead of consoling the baby, she was laughing with her friends in embarrassment. Some parents do need the law to teach them parenting. May Allah SWT protect us all from such situations, from an ordeal greater than what we can bear.

    Sidra, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 15:49 August 31, 2012

    They have learnt their lesson. No need to condemn them any further. the law is taking good measures to make sure this kind of silly mistake is not repeated again. How would you feel if someone takes away your kids from you just because you made a mistake with them? be in their shoes! They have apologised to the public and authorities - That is enough. To Parents of lailas; Be more careful with the gift that God has given you, so many men and women desire to have such kids, they have spent money to get kids, but all in vain. God has honoured you with two girsl, appreciate the gift and you will be blessed as they grow up with you.

    Monique, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 13:25 August 31, 2012

    I thank the authorities for taking this step and charging these parents. Some people just don't learn the meaning of safety until they are punished in some way or another.

    Amer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 12:48 August 31, 2012

    This is the best action. This will set an example for all those careless. Too many cases of people leaving kids in the car. Authorities give warning every time, but no one listens. They deserve it.

    Abdullah, DUbai, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 12:07 August 31, 2012

    Being a Syrian, I do feel relieved that their baby is ok, but their neglect had caused a big stir in Sharjah, it had consumed so much of the authorities valuable time and effort because of their irresponsible mistake. Many times the authorities have warned people not to leave their cars on. These irresponsible parents left their child, thus proving that they do not care for the law or for the child, and faced this dilema, which, could have ended much worse if not for the heroic actions of the citizen who saved her and of the authorities. The partents are not worthy to have children and should be punished within the law, I think that their children should be handed over to child protection services for their own safety.

    Tamam Elewi, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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