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Saudi wedding erupts into brawl

Fight breaks out between groom and bride's relatives over marriage picture

  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief
  • Published: 09:49 August 22, 2013
  • Gulf News

Manama: A wedding joy turned into a tragedy after the groom ended up in prison on charges of assaulting the bride’s relatives minutes before the end of the party.

As the celebrations, held in a hall in Makkah in western Saudi Arabia, were about to end, the groom wanted a picture with his new bride.

However, the bride’s elder sister objected to the presence of a man in the room for the picture, pulled her sister aside and asked the groom to leave, local Arabic daily Okaz reported.

However, the groom insisted on the picture and an intense argument with the bride’s sister erupted.

The situation quickly degenerated and the groom reportedly assaulted the woman, prompting her female relatives to join in the fight.

Attempts by the distraught bride to calm the situation down failed and the brawl spread to include male relatives.

As the groom fled the scene, several women complained to the police, saying that they were the victims of an assault.

The groom was arrested hours later and his case was transferred to the investigation unit.

Online readers sympathised with the groom and blamed the elder sister for spoiling the party.

They said that she had no right to interfere in the couple’s wishes and that she should not have asked the groom to leave the room.

Comments (3)

  1. Added 15:32 August 23, 2013

    bride's sister is correct in Islamic way in front other than the family members not necessary to take photos. its prohibited in islam. allah will bless her.

    mansoor, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 15:21 August 23, 2013

    These sort of things happen everywhere, wherever we human beings , become victims to our own ego. Ego is good as well as bad depending upon the situation and level of its intensity. Very sad situation for those families.

    Paul, Cochin, India

  3. Added 11:15 August 23, 2013

    History repeated itself. Bedouins of Mecca were notorious for such kind of behaviours during pre-Islamic era. It is true that genes travel with the aborigines. Such things are not uncommon in other parts of the world. However, this should not have happened in a city like Mecca.

    Qazi Khurshid, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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