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Saudi thief steals 28,000 riyals from bag containing 2 million

Police in Tabuk baffled after expat report

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Manama: Police in the northwestern city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia were reportedly baffled by a claim that a thief stole only 28,000 riyals (Dh27,412) from a bag that contained 2 million riyals.

An expatriate reported that someone had broken into his car parked in front of a shopping complex and stole the money, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Wednesday.

The foreigner who works for a local company said that on returning to his car after shopping at the mall, he found one of the windows broken. When he checked the bag, he found that the thief took out 28,000 riyals but left the rest of the money.

The police have launched an investigation into the case.

Commenting on the puzzling case, readers were mainly sceptical. “There is something fishy here,” Abdullah posted. “It does not make sense at all that someone leaves this huge amount of money in a car and then goes shopping. Such a large sum of money cannot be simply left in a bag,” he said. Writing under “Investigator,” a reader said that thieves “could not be so honest as to leave SR2 million in a bag and walk away.” “This version of the events is very doubtful,” Investigator wrote. “I think this is a set up or a conspiracy because no thief would be content with SR28,000 and leave the rest of the money.” The “Son of Jeddah” said the thief seemed to be “a simple man who took only what he needed and did not care about the rest of the money”.