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Saudi prisoner gets additional five years for threat to commit suicide

Defendant wanted to change citizenship on sectarian grounds

Manama: A court in the Saudi capital Riyadh has added a five-year sentence to a prisoner who harmed himself, threatened to commit suicide and asked to change his citizenship.

The Saudi prisoner who was serving time for acts of terrorism wrote a note in which he asked to be shifted to a cell where a religious ideologue was being kept, claiming that he no longer considered himself a Sunni and took up a different sect.

He added that he wanted to drop the Saudi citizenship and take up the Iranian nationality, and signed the note using his own blood, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Wednesday.

The judge accepted the charges levelled against the prisoner and ruled that he would be kept locked up in jail for five more years.

The judge also ruled that the defendant would be barred from travelling abroad for five years following his release from prison.