Saudi oil terminal fire hurts 8 workers

Injured employees receive medical treatment, and cause of fire is being investigated

Gulf News

Riyadh: Eight workers at the Saudi state oil company Saudi Aramco were injured in an oil terminal fire on Tuesday, the company said.

There was no impact on operations at the Gulf coast Ras Tanura facility, Saudi Aramco said in a statement.

Emergency services “successfully responded to a minor fire” at about 9am (10am UAE time) and the blaze has been fully contained, it said.

“Workers in the facility have been evacuated.”

The injured employees received medical treatment, and the cause of the fire is being investigated, Saudi Aramco said.

The company is at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s wide-ranging Vision 2030 plan to wean the economy of the world’s biggest petroleum exporter off oil.

The kingdom plans to float less than five per cent of Saudi Aramco on the stock market. The proceeds would help form what will become the world’s biggest state investment fund, with around $2 trillion in assets.