Haj helps reunite brothers seperated for 20 years

One brother moved to Madina and had been unable to see the other, who was living in Gaza

Gulf News

Manama: A trip to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj this month has brought together two Palestinian brothers after 20 years apart, Saudi news agency Sabq reported

Tahseen Mohammad Al Wadiya, 65, was able to perform Haj under a special programme under the guidance of King Salman Abdul Aziz for Palestinians.

His brother had moved to Madina 20 years earlier and, since then he has been unable to visit him due to not possessing any formal travel documents, as a result of his Palestinian nationality.

The report did not mention what part of Palestine Al Wadiya was from.

Visiting Madina, 420 kilometres away north of Makkah, is not part of Haj, the city is often visiting by pilgrims because Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is buried there.

“It was a highly emotional moment for me when I finally met my brother, his son and his grandsons, whom I had never seen,” Tahseen said.

“It was a great family reunion. It was a great blessing and I really cannot find the right words to describe my emotions and feelings,” he added. “I will be going home with the most wonderful memories from Haj and from being reunited with my brother and his family after 20 years apart.”