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Kuwaiti shaikh's killers confess after arrest

Two Iranians confess they killed three people, stole cash, guns

Image Credit: Courtesy of Al Rai
An image showing the alleged murderers along with the stolen cash and guns.

Manama: The Iranian murderers of a Kuwaiti shaikh have confessed to their crime, Kuwait’s interior ministry said.

The two killers, identified by the General Administration of Criminal Investigation as Mohammad Abdullredha Nawasser and Ali Mohammad Al Bughaibesh, early on Friday shot dead Shaikh Sabah Mubarak Al Sabah Al Nasser Al Sabah, 58, as well as another Kuwaiti national, 68, and an Indonesian woman in a flat in Salwa, around 13 kilometres south of the capital Kuwait City.

They fled the flat after stealing KD 276,000 and three guns that belonged to the flat owner, the ministry said in a statement late on Saturday.

The two were arrested following an intense investigation, details from witnesses and recordings from surveillance cameras.

Investigation revealed that Nawasser, 40, who worked as a cook for Shaikh Sabah, tied the hands and feet of the three victims while Al Bughaibesh, 31, shot them with a handgun.

According to the police, the two Iranians had plotted to commit their crime.
“On the day of the tragedy, the first accused who was at the flat called the second accused to carry out their plan,” the statement said.

“When he arrived, the first accused let him in the flat and the two conspired to kill the three victims. They fled with KD276,000 and three guns. The first accused was arrested in Salwa while the second one was detained in a hotel as he was planning to flee Kuwait.”

The killers led the investigators to the place where they hid the cash and the guns, the statement added.

On Saturday, reports in Kuwait said that the two Iranians had also attempted to kill an Indian man, 45, who worked for the shaikh, by shooting him in the back.

He was wounded, but he fooled his attackers by playing dead.

After the murderers have fled, the worker raised the alarm following which the police arrived on the scene and launched an investigation.