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Driver caught doing 194kph in 80kph zone

Traffic police should sell car to deter reckless driving, say Kuwaitis

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Manama: Kuwaitis have called for punishing a driver who was driving more than twice the speed limit by selling his car.

The driver was caught by a traffic radar after they caught him driving at 194kph on a highway where the speed limit was 80kph, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported on Thursday.

The head of the traffic department promptly demanded strict punitive action against the driver, the sources said and he will be subjected to an investigation, they added.

“They should sell his car and include the money in the violations’ fund,” Kuwaiti, a blogger, said. Abdul Majeed, an accountant, said that the car should be confiscated and sold to deter him and others from reckless driving. “The money should be donated to a special fund to help people in need,” he suggested.

Kuwait has been actively engaged in a strict crackdown on traffic violations, setting up checkpoints and closely monitoring roads and highways to ensure full compliance with rules and regulations. The media daily report high figures of impounded cars and action taken against offenders.

Officials have insisted that the campaign being conducted throughout the country would not spare any driver, regardless of his or her nationality or status. Foreigners caught in serious traffic violations would be deported after the fourth offence, officials said.