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7 new ways to study business in the UAE

As the economic landscape gets disrupted, management education has evolved. Besides traditional MBAs, universities across the UAE now offer plenty of innovative industry-oriented courses that equip students with the tools and strategies required in this brave new world

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho at a recent match. Sport has now opened up to professionals
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Masters of Sports Management

How do you build a succssful football league? Or become a team manager like José Mourinho? Consider studying sports management. The American University in the Emirates says its Master of Sport Management is a pioneering programme that combines coursework, research and practical experiences “to foster innovative leaders in the thriving global sport industry”.  
According to the university, no other city represents the rapid globalisation of sport better than Dubai, which hosts over 300 events a year. The course targets those who wish to combine a passion for sport with  business and management expertise to become a leader in a new and rapidly growing field. 
Duration: 33 credit hours total
Cost: Dh3,335 per credit hour

MBA in Aviation Management

Quick travel times made possible by air transport coupled with an increasing number of routes have resulted in a huge demand from both leisure and business passengers, according to the Emirates Aviation University.
The scenario has also raised the demand for skilled personnel to manage the associated infrastructure, as well as look at the bigger picture in the aviation ecosystem. Students will master the intricacies of airline and airport operations, aviation strategy and seek to understand global issues facing the industry.
Duration: 18 months
Cost: Dh120,000

MBA, Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

As life in the UAE illustrates, real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the sector having seen technological advances in architecture, town planning and infrastructural ingenuity, Amity University Dubai says real estate and urban management professionals are needed more than ever.
The latter shape the physical layout of cities by focusing on specific areas for development, while the former handle the financial and administrative side of properties, besides buying land and planning construction.
Duration: Two years
Cost: Dh41,000 per year

BBA in Digital Marketing

With the digital revolution having shifted business priorities online, the need for internet-savvy marketers has risen. Abu Dhabi University’s BBA in Digital Marketing aims to equip students with the skills to analyse data collected online about consumer markets and buyer behaviour, and design improved products, create better pricing strategies and distribution tools while tracking conversations around brands and companies. Students also learn to develop sustainable and responsible marketing activities.
Duration: Major requirements — 21 credit hours; Major electives — 3 credit hours; Open electives — 12 credit hours
Cost: Dh1,620 per credit hour

MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students aiming for a career in innovation-related roles — whether in government departments, businesses or non-profit organisations, could consider  the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Its MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims at individuals with an “entrepreneurial mindset”, those already running their own businesses or employees in large organisations wishing to foster a culture of innovation and creativity.
Students will pick up everything from contemporary leadership skills to the management of change and the creation and marketing of new products. 
Duration: 12 subjects under two years
Cost: Dh8,370 per subject

Major in New Media and Information Management

This programme from Modul University Dubai focuses on the “radical transformation of communication and cooperation processes through new media, both within and across organisations”. Core modules cover negotiation and dispute resolution, information systems management, social media intelligence and digital marketing.
Graduates can expect to succeed in planning, securing, financing, marketing, negotiating with government bodies and developing policy. Duration: One year, plus six months for a master’s thesis.
Cost: Dh97,255

MSc in Health Care Management

Offered by RCSI Dubai, this programme targets  managers, health-care professionals and administrators. Graduates are expected to ensure the delivery and configuration of high-quality services, lead and manage change and development within their organisations and professions.
RCSI says students will be empowered with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the complexity of health care, business processes, finance, operations management, information technology, marketing, leadership and strategy.  
Duration: Two years 
Cost: Dh110,000 total