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You can save money by hiring a part-time cleaner

Single residents prefer this as they have to pay only Dh480 a month for three hours of work every week

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Dubai: If the cost of a full-time maid is too heavy on the wallet, you can opt for a part-time helper. Authorised cleaning services companies abound in Dubai, and they offer a team of domestic staff who can come to your house for a few hours of work.

Part-time workers can do the usual household chores, from mopping the floors, washing the dishes to ironing clothes and helping with childcare. You can also hire a dedicated nanny on an hourly basis. Some people, especially unmarried residents, prefer this kind of arrangement and consider it cost-effective, as they don't entail visa and incidental expenses.

Part-time cleaners cost anywhere between Dh30 and Dh40 per hour. Most cleaning companies require a minimum service of two to four hours per visit. You can haggle for a lower price, especially if you hire them more than once a week, or if you opt for a monthly rate.


So, if you want someone else to scrub the toilet and clean the rest of the house for at least two or three hours a week, your monthly expense will be at least Dh240 to Dh480. There will be no other expenses to worry about, except for the cleaning materials and supplies.

"It's certainly more cost-effective to hire a part-time cleaner instead of a full-time maid. The cost involved in sponsoring a full-time maid as well as the added responsibility of an individual is too high a cost to afford. [But] if you have a full-fledged family of six or seven, including kids, hiring a full-time live-in maid seems like the better option," says one expatriate.

However, it is in your best interest to hire part-time maids from authorised companies only. Getting a helper who is not sponsored by you or by any cleaning company can cost you about Dh50,000 in fines.