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A petrolhead’s guide to Big Boys Toys

Top 5 attractions at this year’s Big Boys Toys in Abu Dhabi

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1. Letrons

Like a real-life Transformers, this is a car that transforms into a robot, and is the only one of its kind in the world, according to the Turkish manufacturer behind the car. As a car, it can go up to 20km/h, and will be auctioned at Big Boys Toys at a starting price of $600,000.

2. MTT — Turbine bike

Fitted with a helicopter 420 HP turbine engine, this is the world’s fastest street legal production bike. The fastest speed recorded on the bike was 420km/h, though it has the capacity to reach higher speeds. It was built for racing by Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT), which designed and built the original Y2K Turbine Superbike Motorcycle that holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive and fastest production motorcycle.

3. Khalifa

The high-speed boat was designed by Emirati designer Nasser Al Marzouqi, who styled the boat to look like a sports car with the aerodynamics of an aeroplane. The boat was constructed with a combination of hydrodynamic and aerodynamics, with gold and carbon fibre.

4. Jacob Albee

The US-based designer makes handmade jewellery from meteorites, fine metals, and ethically-sourced gemstones. The designer is exhibiting at Big Boys Toys this year to target consumers interested in owning a part of history, with some of the meteorites used dating back to hundreds of years ago.

5. Evolution Caparo T1

“This is a car from the UK that goes from 0-100 kilometres in 2.4 seconds. It was originally launched in 2009, but when it was tested by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, the car was rated as Most Unreliable because it broke down four times and was not stable.

“The company went bankrupt afterwards, and then was acquired by another company that started investing into improving and rectifying all the problems with the car, so now it’s 100 per cent safe to be driven,” said Shafeeh Mohammad, international sales and sponsorship manager at Big Boys Toys. The car is being launched for the first time in the Middle East at Big Boys Toys.