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Pepsi, Coke cans to be taken off UAE shelves

Ministry of Economy to withdraw Pepsi and Coca Cola cans over violation of rules

  • By Shehab Al Makahleh, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 12:04 February 20, 2012
  • Gulf News

A customer reaches for a can of Coke
  • Image Credit: Gulf News Archive
  • A customer reaches for a can of Coke in a supermarket in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with other concerned departments, will start taking off the shelves cans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi that are sold at retail outlets for Dh1.50.

Hashem Nuaimi, head of Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy, said that the ministry decided to pull the products off the shelves for violation of consumer protection rules. Nuaimi said the companies reduced their can size without prior official approval.

"Pepsi and Coca Cola violated rules when they reduced the size of the Dh1.50 can from 355ml to 300ml and removed the price tag," said Al Nuaimi.

He added: "The two companies requested that they would market their 355 ml size cans with a price printed on them. We were surprised by their move when they reduced the size [of the cans] and took the price tag off the cans."

 "What the Pepsi and Coca Cola did was unacceptable ... because the two companies illegally reduced the size [of the cans] but maintained the price. In other words, they simply increased the price in violation of consumer protection laws," he said.

"We took this measure against the two companies after we had received public complaints that the two companies had reduced the can size without decreasing its price," he added.

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  1. Added 14:59 February 21, 2012

    In some shops they start charging Dh 2 for a can of coke and upon questioning they will say that we bought the box for so and so price. Also many shops including big supermarkets have stopped putting price stickers on the products or at east on the shelf which indicate the correct price, you just have to assume the price and head to the counter and keep a close watch of each item scanned to ensure it is not priced high, there must be a rule that all the products are clearly have their price tagged. Some commodities like Sunflower oil, Rice, Detergent powders, shampoos, potatoes, fruits are sold on very big price gaps between one to another shop, the difference is some time 20% or even more, authority must regularize sale price the day to day consumption goods

    Mahesh Devji, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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