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DIB announces new investment products

Product provides strategic exposure to gold and oil markets,

  • Staff Report
  • Published: 17:16 September 25, 2012
  • Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) announced on Tuesday launched its Al Islami Aurum+ 1 Dirham Certificate, an innovative investment product that provides strategic exposure to the commodity markets with the peace of mind that comes with a high level of capital protection. Developed by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the Al Islami Aurum+ 1 Dirham Certificate attempts to generate returns in any market environment by taking exposure and switching between oil and gold. The underlying allocation strategy of this certificate is based on an approach that allocates between gold as a “safe-haven asset” and oil as an “aggressive asset,” as a function of market trends identified by the gold-oil ratio. Investors will also enjoy a high level of capital protection, with no requirement to commit their capital for the entire investment period. Investors will receive 90 per cent of their total investment three business days from the issue date of the certificate — with returns based on 110 per cent of the full investment amount.

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