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Goodbye Mr President, say netizens

Social media says goodbye to Obama after farewell address

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On Tuesday night in the US, the country’s President, Barack Obama bid farewell to America in his last speech before leaving office. Social media users were quick to pay tribute to the end of his historic presidency. It prompted an outpouring on social media platforms with the hashtag #ObamaFarewell trending on Twitter and Facebook.

@MartinOMalley: “.@POTUS has led our country with grace and dignity. Economic turnaround, climate action, marriage equality, and so much more #ObamaFarewell”

@elizabethforma: “President Obama is a good man who has made our economy, country, and planet safer - and has given us hope. Thank you, @POTUS. #ObamaFarewell”

@StephenKing: “Hope you enjoyed Obama’s speech. You won’t hear anything so cogent and kind for a long time. So, with complete sincerity: THANKS, OBAMA.”

@TheEllenShow: “.@POTUS @BarackObama I love you more than I have space on Twitter to describe. #ObamaFarewell”

Dianne Weiland Cladis: “Thank you, President Barack Obama for your grace, honour, and caring during your two terms, in which I voted for you twice.”

Shamsi Nouri: “What a sad day. Mr President your are amazing speaker & wonderful President. I will miss you and thank you for everything you did for us. May God keep you & your beautiful family safe.”

Reading Rainbow: “Thank you for being everything we needed these last 8 years. Your legacy will live on.”

Diane Lindberg Nelson: “With this speech, we Americans are watching the end of class and dignity in the White House. We love you and will miss all the goodness that you and your family brought to your office!”

Ghania Habbi: “You will be missed Mr President. Thank you for all your care. I think you’re the first person in the higher office, that really cared about middle class and the poor! Thank you sir.”

Kaye Rankin: “Thank you so much President Obama and Vice President Biden, I am going to miss you and your families so much. You have shown such grace, dignity and humility. Thank you.”

Nena Garcia: “That hug between Joe and the POTUS hit me in the feels. You could see the dynamic. Farewell Obama and Biden families. Best luck to you all.”

Emily Reid: “You’ve made me so proud to have voted for you twice. Thank you for serving us with thoughtfulness, compassion and honour.”

Hemal Soni: “Thank you President Obama for teaching the world about tolerance, compassion and empathy. You and Michelle will be missed dearly! Thank you from your Canadian friends!”

Julie Mai: “Thank you, President Obama, for showing my children how a true president should carry himself... with dignity and class always.”

Sue Lasbury: “An intelligent, thoughtful man. A constitutional law professor. A devoted husband and father. Our first African American president. Love this president and will miss him so very much.”

Shawn Johnson: “Thank you President Obama for expanding the rights, freedoms and protections I enjoy. Your leadership fundamentally changed my life.”

Jon Schwartz: “You inherited a mess and turned this nation around with nothing but obstruction from the other side. History will judge you a great leader. Wish the one taking over could be as caring as you were.”

Emily Bailey: “Thank you President Obama. You have shown the world what true courage, love, and class really is. You will be missed so deeply.”