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School initiative attempts to save the world

Students, teachers and parents come together to reduce pollution and wastage

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Students participate in the collection drive at The Millennium School, Dubai.
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Dubai: During the “Year of Giving” in 2017, The Millennium School, Dubai planned various activities, which would instill in our students, teachers and parent community a true sense of the spirit of giving.

The “Give to Receive” campaign organised by the Environment Club helped promote the recycling of paper, glass, toners and old mobile phones.

Through this activity, the school was able to recycle over 10,000 kilograms, or 10 tonnes, of newspapers in just two months, saving around 6,820 gallons of oil, 26,5000 litres of water and 170 trees.

Saisha Rao, a grade 10 student at the school, participated in this initiative and said: “Through the recycling activities and collection held in our school, we are able to do our part for the environment. These activities give us an opportunity to contribute to and be involved in improving the condition of the world we live in.”

Khushee Shah, another student, said: “Our school provides us with a platform to give back to our environment by involving us in various collection drives and environment friendly campaigns. Activities like these motivate us to do our part in making this world a cleaner and greener place to live in.”

The students’ enthusiastic participation also led to the collection of 232 toners, 127kg of glass and 259 old mobile phones, which were handed over to the recycling centre, thereby preventing hazardous waste from getting into the landfill and saving 40 cubic yards of landfill space.

Rishab, another participant and student, said, “The activities conducted at The Millennium School, provide an opportunity for students to apply bookish knowledge in real life. The significance of conserving the environment was greatly emphasised throughout these events, and I indeed felt immense satisfaction and contentment upon performing my duty towards mother Earth. It is a well-known quote ‘We haven’t the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.’ This principle was greatly brought about through the events.”

Aryan Murali Dharan, a student of grade 8, who also participated in this campaign, said, “We got a chance to do our bit for Mother Earth. Activities as such help us to create a positive impact in the world by making it a better place for all to live in. These activities, held in connection with the Year of Giving, helped us to collect recyclables, conserve energy and also to plant saplings with the sole purpose of giving back to Mother Earth, which has catered to all our needs. I would like to thank our school and the leaders of this nation for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.”

Students who brought in more than 50kg of newspaper or seven used toners and seven used mobile phones were awarded a certificate.

— The reader is a supervisor at The Millennium School, Dubai.

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