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Abandoned feline is looking for his bat signal

A 13-week-old cat was found abandoned on the streets and is now looking for his forever home

Image Credit: Rana Salha
13-week-old Batman
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Batman is a 13-week-old domestic short-hair cat, found on the streets with a broken leg. He was fortunate enough to be found by a kind-hearted person, who picked him at the age of just eight weeks and took him to the veterinarian. There, he underwent an operation on his leg.

He recovered at the clinic for two weeks, only to then get a mild ringworm infection, so he had to stay at the vet’s clinic for another 10 days.

I am his foster mum, and Batman came to my house as tiny as you can ever imagine, but his small size didn’t stop him from being the happiest kitten ever.

He brightened my world the day he came into my life. Batman has so much energy and is capable of playing for hours. He just loves it, he is a kitten after all.

A super happy and confident kitten, his happiness, I think, is contagious as you cannot not smile and laugh when you are around him. He runs and plays and wants to give you kisses and before you know it, he starts purring.

He is a kitten that you cannot keep away and you will immediately get attached to his beautiful personality. He still needs to be monitored as his bones are growing and he needs rest. No jumping is allowed as he still has a metal pin within his bone.

If you love kittens, Batman will definitely change your life. He is very happy and affectionate and extremely playful. But, he would need to be with another pet. If you would like to adopt him, please get in touch through email at

— The reader is a member of the Middle East Animal Foundation

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