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Who should be held accountable?

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Who should be accountable?

It is really sad to read about the number of fires in the UAE (“Watch: Marina fire brought under control”, Gulf News, February 17). Who is responsible for this? Is it the contractors or the consultants? In my opinion, the people focussing on this should be the Municipality inspectors. I live in Al Qusais and there is a lot of garbage from construction work, lying in a parking lot for the past two years. Same thing goes for the building lights during the night. Most landlords ask their watchmen to switch off all lights ‎in parking, corridor and staircases. Inspectors must take a round and check this. I request the authorities to take the required action.

From Mr Viren Narkar


No real gun control

Children at this age should be selecting which college or stream they want to choose, instead of having to come out to protest against the current gun laws (“Florida students plan march to demand gun reform”, Gulf News, February 20). US society has failed them. They should not have to worry about getting killed in school. Unfortunately, politicians and people who have elected these politicians have compelled them to do so. As a mother of a school going child, I can feel their desperation to protest and make a change.

From Ms Mahnaaz Shaikh


Gunning down the innocent

What happened in Florida is tragic, but what remains to be devastating is the inaction from the US government. This is not the first school shooting and it will not be the last, until and unless the US government addresses the issue. There are no gun control laws and it is very easy for someone to possess arms. A common man has access to assault rifles and high-tech equipment, which is dangerous. Whether it was the Las Vegas shooting, the one in Orlando or this one, there needs to be strict gun control laws to stop this menace. It is fascinating how the government has not taken any action uphill now. I don’t know how many tragedies have to occur before they tighten the availability of arms in the US. My heart goes out to those families who have lost their children. This will hopefully be the last case.

From Ms Saira B


Guide to fines

While the UAE has undoubtedly provided some of the best road networks in the world, driving here is no less than a challenge (“All UAE traffic violations, fines and black points”, Gulf News, February 19). However, it is good that the authorities have clearly listed fines, black points and punishments for violators to deter motorists from committing traffic offences. These fines are in place to ensure that motorists abide by the laws and the roads are safe for all.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


Great leadership and dedication

Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit was not only fruitful for India but also for the three nations he visited, who will benefit in trade, energy, and manpower (“For Modi, road to 2019 will be steeper”, Gulf News, February 18). He was the first Indian leader to visit Palestine. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, honoured Modi with the Grand Collar of the State of Palestine, the highest Palestinian honour for foreign dignitaries, and this was laudable. Modi also promised that India will continue to support Palestine for a bright future. In the UAE he was greeted by thousands of Indians and the dramatic development in Abu Dhabi was that the first Hindu temple is going to be constructed in two years. This shows the rapport Modi has developed with the UAE Rulers and its secular nature and tolerance of every religion. In Abu Dhabi, prominent Indian businessmen have taken on the initiative and have volunteered to help in the temple’s construction. The new temple was inaugurated by Modi, and this was another remarkable development. In Oman, he was greeted by the Indian crowd with love and affection from their heart. I think Modi was delighted with the people’s reception. The trip must be a memorable one to Modi, for good long-term relationships with the countries. What I admire about him was his enthusiasm and commitment to the nations he was meeting. Despite the negative comments from the opposition parties on his long-term vision, India should be on the global map.

From Mr K Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

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