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We all are one

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

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Trump, a ‘different’ president

Your microscopic version of the continuing turmoil in the White House has deeply touched me. The reason being that I am doubting US President Donald Trump’s era. Trump needs better instincts instead of a stereotypical view of the changing global scene. During the US elections, people underestimated Trump, which proved to be entirely wrong. Six months of presidency are not enough time for people to take stock and pronounce judgement on his leadership. This doesn’t mean all the steps forward by Trump qualify praise. Breaking stereotypical approaches would invite criticism, as he did during his campaigning. Even if his instincts fail him, Trump will be praised in history as a different US president.

From Mr Vijayan S. Kallunad


We all are one

Sometimes you need to learn to accept the differences between people and not be mean to each other. Love, peace and harmony can take its place, it is us who need to change. Lets be united rather than creating divisions based on religion. Sadly, today we are dividing countries, nations and people, using religion as the reason. In the contemporary world, mounded by modernisation, we should be united rather than putting anyone down because of the social groups they belong to. We need to remove all the differences between genders and religions and start creating similarities.

From Ms Prachi Bhatia


The many facets of addiction

While the primary focus of addiction is on drugs, alcohol and smoking, people can develop extreme liking for other things like technology, internet, shopping, food, gambling, beverages, exercise and body image, to name a few (“Just can’t stop!”, Gulf News, August 1). The compulsive habit of relying on something is not only detrimental to the addict but to the loved ones and families, too, as it can lead to strained relationships, a financial crunch, unemployment and incarceration. The addict may feel remorse, embarrassment, discomfort, pain and trauma but leaving the habit is too difficult. But, the habit can be managed and cured if the addict is wholeheartedly ready to overcome it. The willingness to change for the better with help from family and friends or consulting a medical professional can allow them to break the cycle of addiction and reclaim their lives. Regardless of the challenges and obstacles you face, do not give up or give in to the obsession. There is a solution for every problem if you put in your best foot forward.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

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