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Unwanted comments and actions

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Unwanted comments and actions

The unwanted comment by Congress politician Mani Sankar Aiyer shows his nature and how he does not respect other politicians (“Congress suspends Aiyar from primary membership over ‘neech’ remark”, Gulf News, December 8). They should know not to make such comments about their opponents. They should behave with respect and dignity, especially when they pass comments about the Prime Minister, who represents 1.2 billion people. Congress has done a good thing to suspend him from the party. This should be permanent. Modi’s reply to his comment was nice and shows his gentleness. Aiyer has lost his reputation not only in his party but also to the entire nation. It is a sad state of affairs.

From Mr K Ragavan


Tarnishing reputations

Not only Mani Shankar Aiyar, but there are many Indian politicians who use foul languages to tarnish the image of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Without a doubt, Aiyar’s remarks could make a huge difference between victory and defeat for the century old Congress Party, which was gaining grounds in Gujarat after decades. Even after the suspension, Aiyar seems to be confident that he has not done anything wrong or damaging. This itself is proof that this suspension, as in the past, is just an eye wash, and that such motor mouthed leaders cannot be muted by just suspension. The earlier the party realises their mistake the better it is for the new crown prince.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Advice for the taking

Former US President Barack Obama on his recent visit to India, advised that the country should not be split on sectarian lines and that they must cherish the fact that Muslims here identifying themselves as Indians. He said that in a country like India, which has an enormous Muslim population, who are integrated and think of themselves as Indian, it is good because this is not always the case in other countries where a religious minority nevertheless feels a part of the majority. He said that this should be cherished, nurtured and cultivated. This is very sound advice. India has a large Muslim population. They contribute to the country in many ways. Many of the nationally admired idols hail from the community like actor Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and more. India has had three Muslim presidents and one of the richest Indian businessmen is Azim Premji. Muslims in India do see themselves as staunch Indians. India is a secular country and it is best if all communities continue to contribute to the economic development of the country. India should heed and respect the advice of Obama.

From Mr Rajendra K. Aneja

An iconic moment and representation

Time Magazine’s award is not for a single person or a group, it’s for a mass movement (“Silence Breakers is more than a 2017 moment”, Gulf News , December 10). The Silence Breakers who won the personality award from the magazine is really appreciated. Actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, Isabel Pascual, Susan Fowler and Adama Lwu appeared on the cover. Another person’s elbow can also be seen in the cover but not her face, for confidentiality reasons. It’s an idea of collectiveness in women who face harassment at the workplace or in public. This movement was triggered in Asia and Europe and it reached the common people via social media. Lots of women have opened up and this has given them the courage and awareness to deal with the issue they are facing. People of high profile have come out in the open and have spoken about the harassments they have faced in their life, which only makes us wonder the plight of the common women.

From Mr Eappen Elias


The right time

The article has aptly analysed the plight of players like Indian cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who prolonged their careers. No doubt we had many celebrity cricketers who have earlier prolonged their careers to set new records. But Dhoni doesn’t fall in that category. If he feels like he is over the hill, he will be the first person to give way to youngsters. He is the best wicket keeper and batsman available presently and above that, his guidance on the field of play is more valuable to Captain Virat Kohli and the team. Hence I feel like he should be allowed to play One Day International cricket (ODI) and Twenty20 cricket as well. He will not quit before the 2019 World Cup after which, he himself will retire.

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth


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