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Motorists need to abide by traffic rules

Reader is concerned about motorists not giving way to pedestrians

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A few days ago, I came across a scene in Dubai’s Deira area that compelled me to write to Gulf News. A few pedestrians were trying to cross the road at a designated crossing, but their path was being blocked by vehicles driven by motorists that clearly didn’t have any patience.

Even though the junction wasn’t clear, motorists continued to drive through and when the signal turned red, there was no place for pedestrians to walk.

Despite the fines being increased just last month, it is very sad to note that motorists are not taking the traffic rules seriously. These are very dangerous situations and you never know when something could go wrong.

This is a very common issue, especially in the Deira and Al Qusais area. It occurs mainly when people are winding up at work and leaving, so around 6pm. They seem to be in a rush to reach home. I understand that people must be tired and want to get home so they can relax, but that is no reason to prove to be a hazard on the road.

Many motorists in this hurry speed up to avoid having to wait in case the traffic signal turns red.

Khadiyur Rahman, a driver based in Dubai, has also witnessed this issue several times.

He said: “This is a very common problem for us pedestrians, especially during the peak traffic times. The motorists just rush towards the traffic signal. There is always a fear that we could be hit. There have been so many instances when a motorist hasn’t stopped for pedestrians, even at designated areas and honk at us if we try to cross the road.”

Yashika Mahindra, an accountant based in Dubai, said: “This is the most serious issue I can see on the roads. It is really scary! I don’t see cars stopping for pedestrians. I feel all the motorists, who don’t wait for people trying to cross the road, should have their cars impounded. There should be cameras all over so that this situation doesn’t arise.”

If a timer could be installed at the signals, similar to those in Ajman, then we could see a reduction in this practice. There should also be cameras at the signal so that all motorists that are doing it get reprimanded for the same. I hope the concerned authorities look into this and find a solution.

— The reader is a sales coordinator based in Dubai.

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According to a list of federal fines published by the Ministry of Interior, not giving pedestrians way on a pedestrian crossing or stopping a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing will result in a fine of Dh500 and six black points to the driver.

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