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India at risk of disease

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India at risk of disease

Malnutrition and anaemia pose a huge health challenge to India, according to the Global Nutrition Report 2017 (“‘Malnutrition, anaemia pose huge health challenge to India’”, Gulf News, November 8). It revealed that India has more than 51 per cent of women who are suffering from anaemia, and this is an alarming signal. The main cause for anaemia is the deficiency of iron in the blood, which can be overcome with eating foods like green vegetables. Many women are not eating an iron-rich diet, which is one of the root causes for anaemia. The Indian government should act on this and take the necessary steps to reduce the percentage of people suffering from anaemia in the coming days.

From Mr K Ragavan


An anthem of issues

Throughout the world, whenever the national anthem of a country is played, even other nationalities stand up as a mark of respect (“Ugly fight over India’s beautiful anthem”, Gulf News, November 6). I fail to understand why some people, including journalists like, Barkha Dutt, make it such an issue. Against whom are they trying to protest? I think respecting the national anthem is a part of nationalism. There should not be any ugly fight about it.

From Mr Ganesh J.H.


A deserving win

Congratulations to Indian captain, Virat Kohli, and his team for winning their first Twenty20 (T20) series against New Zealand (“India beat New Zealand in 8-over shootout”, Gulf News, November 9). Thanks to the sporting crowd at Thiruvanandapuram, they had the patience to see a thriller of a do or die tie. No doubt our openers failed to take off, but it was once again our bowlers, especially Jasprit Bumrah and Yuzvendra Chahal, who, with the help of excellent fielding and catching, enabled our team to win the decider and the overall series. Though our coach boasts that our team saved their best for the last, it is the fault of the New Zealand team selection, which enabled our team to win this series. Still, due credit should be given to Kane Williamson, who fought both the one day match and the T20 series, tooth and nail. It is time for our selectors to inject new blood against the Sri Lankan team next.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan


Woes of the wicket

Gulf News has aptly analysed the plight of our Indian batsmen, especially Rohit Sharma, against the left arm pace bowlers like Mohammad Amir, Mitchell Starc, Trent Boult, and more. In fact, Boult has been more successful in our own den. Except our Captain, Virat Kohli, everyone else has struggled to tackle the left arm pace bowlers. We should add this to our pathetic fielding, especially our catching. It is time our coach and captain take note of our shortcomings and take early steps to rectify them, as we are due to tour South Africa, England and Australia next year.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


A great giving initiative

‘Gver’ is an amazing concept and it surely looks like it’s going to get more popular (“Stuff for free: It’s in giving you receive”, Gulf News, November 7). Giving is in our very nature and it definitely raises our happiness quotient. The missing ‘I’ is also perfect! Truly it is all about sharing. Many of us have a lot of extra stuff at home and would love to share it. It’s a very innovative idea that very clearly makes us realise the futility of hoarding extra things in our home. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all end up with having more material stuff than we require. What we need and what we want are two different things that needs to be delved upon. Our needs are basic while are wants are based on our innumerable desires. I hope we can differentiate between our needs and wants, and feel joy at giving away all the extra things that are simply stashed away in our homes. It will not only help us declutter our homes, but will also help us declutter our mind, and make us feel free!

From Ms Naina Nair

Abu Dhabi

Men are better

At times men manage the home and work as well (“Facebook: Why do women have a reputation of being bad drivers”, Gulf News, November 7). I have seen a lot of women doing both at the same time. Usually, chefs and household employees are always men. There has been a trend for the last 20 years that women work as househelp, too. As far is driving is concerned, men are better drivers.

From Ms Nadiya Abbasi


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