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Facebook debate: Effectiveness of home schooling

Is home schooling is a more effective way to teach children their subjects, help them develop socially and reduce education costs?

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Many benefits to home schooling

I strongly recommend home schooling along with typical academic schooling. Home schooling provides children with the opportunity to improve their multiple intelligence, motor skills, brain development and creativity. Academic studies provide social awareness, group studying, mingling and behaviour to different nationalities, respecting different cultures, analysis of different subjects and commitment to society.

From Ms Zeenath Muneer


Encourages free thinking

I completely agree with Ms Zeenath Muneer. Instead of being bound to the four walls of a classroom in a so-called school, home schooling encourages free thinking.

From Ms Noor Al Ghufran Sharif


Don’t do it

I disagree. I completed my senior years of high school being home schooled and it was extremely difficult for me. My senior year was done with me being the boss of my own future. You have to manage everything on your own and even if you get help from tutors it isn’t enough. Your routine changes and it gets tough to keep up with the new routine and discipline. You miss out on a lot of things like interaction and communication with people and you lose confidence. Your study time isn’t fixed anymore. Moreover, home schooling doesn’t teach you people skills. I think I missed out on a lot of things, but it was definitely cost effective compared to being schooled normally. I think generally it’s tough unless you are responsible enough to understand what situation you’re in and if your family pushes you towards a school like routine. Otherwise things can get out of hand quickly. Luckily I somehow managed myself. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to be home schooled. I feel that the good part about being home schooled was that it taught me how to be independent.

From Ms Sumera Malik


Can’t beat a school

Except for the cost factor, I do not agree with home schooling. Every person has their core subjects. One may be very good at teaching mathematics, but not science. Plus, being in school teaches a child to interact with society and to deal with issues and peers. Group activities build adaptability, trust and team building abilities in children. It takes a child out of their comfort zone. It’s the overall development that a school can provide.

From Ms Mahnaaz Shaikh


Time and money

I prefer home schooling and the time saved from there may be utilised for skill development and learning activities, like music, language and sports. You can save a lot of money and make children more skilful. Another important thing is unnecessary competition and stress to children in public schools and this can be avoided in home schooling.

From Mr Mohammad Asim Rashid


Quality depends on parents

Home schooling has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is the cost of education. It will be cheaper than having to send your child to a formal educational institution. One disadvantage is that the child may not be able to develop strong interpersonal skills as there isn’t any socialisation involved in home schooling, aside from the child’s interaction with parents. It actually all depends on the parents whether the child will learn or not. If parents are willing to do everything to provide a much brighter future for their children, then they should plan effectively. However, one must never forget that: “Education is a right, not a privilege.”

From Ms Erica Gamboa Esguerra


More than a degree

I disagree! Education isn’t only getting degree or passing classes. It helps us to face people, get confidence and interact with people. It teaches us how to behave in front of others.

From Mr Daniyal Qamar


Not healthy

Home schooling does not help in fulfilling the development of the child. He does not learn to socialise and share. There is no competition or challenge. I doubt if it saves a lot of money as home tuitions are more expensive then school fees when a child gets one on one attention by the teacher. In a nutshell, it’s not a healthy way to bring up a child

From Ms Mala Anil


Social skills?

I don’t understand the social aspect. Who are they socialising with? Parents and siblings?

From Mr Shayne Awais

Buffalo, US

Effect planning

Parents can ensure that home schooled children are properly socialised by enrolling them in team sports and other group activities where they regularly meet with other children. Home schooling done right is a very effective development method.

From Mr Charles Doros


Changes thinking

If a child goes to school, they learn more than at home. Their way of thinking changes. There self-confidence builds up.

From Mr Tou Qir

Abu Dhabi

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