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Born to be wild

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

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Born to be wild

I believe anyone who thinks that wild animals, especially big cats like tigers, need to be trained or tamed for our entertainment, should get their head checked (“Negligence claimed in tiger mauling”, Gulf News, November 17). I feel sad that the victim was young and at the age of 12, she was definitely a bit naive about these big cats. However, I do blame the father and everyone responsible for rearing these tigers, for her injuries, because they don’t know the difference between wild animals and domesticated ones! Leave these animals in the wild, where they belong.

From Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr.


To read or not to read?

One word that is crucial for the intellectual journey of any individual, irrespective of age, is reading (“Bored? Pick up a book”, Gulf News, November 14). At the primary and secondary levels, teachers and parents all promote reading to young minds. But once these children go to university, the emphasis is lost. Unless a person is inclined towards books, he or she does not become a passionate reader. Reading books and visiting libraries should become part of our lifestyle. Parents reading the newspaper with their morning tea or coffee should be part of every person’s childhood memory. Discussing new publications should be the focus of adults, instead of the latest gossip or trends in the fashion industry. Instead of kitty parties, children should see their mothers going to book club gatherings. Grandparents should talk to their grandchildren about their favourite authors, too. Markets and places outdoors should have more reading corners, so that people can read over a cup of hot coffee in winters or in a garden. A person who reads is easily distinguishable.

From Ms Khaula Shahbaz Rao


Fake products

Counterfeit goods are openly sold in stores, and some brand owners don’t care (“Counterfeit goods worth Dh30m seized in Ajman”, Gulf News, November 15). I bought a popular brand of a Secure Digital (SD) card and after using it for a while, it got corrupted. I tried to return it to the store but they wouldn’t take it back. I contacted the brand owner and gave them the piece, and they confirmed that it was fake. I gave them the store details but they did not do anything about it.

From Mr Vector Fox


Editor’s note: In such cases, you can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, by calling them at 600 545555 or emailing them at

All about communication

I don’t think it should be compulsory for everyone to go for marriage counselling (“9 of 10 don’t visit marriage counsellors”, Gulf News, November 14). Despite being from different cultures, my husband and I get along. We argue sometimes, but if it is about something that will affect us both, we just sit together and talk about it. We come up with something we both agree on and patch things up. I think, for a husband and wife to succeed, each person has to give way. If one is very upset, the other must cool down. It’s a give-and-take situation. Nowadays, we are all busy with so many things — work, children, school and more — and some couples don’t communicate. As for me, what is important for a couple to succeed is communication and to have respect for one another, as husband and wife.

From Ms Ma Cecilia You


Is it worth fighting for?

While I don’t think marriage counselling should be compulsory, I think it is something people should consider. Often, couples know that there is a problem in their marriage or relationship, yet they do not go for couples therapy or counselling, because of the taboo that surrounds it. To make something work, people need to spend time to nurture a relationship. When two people cannot figure out their problems, it does not hurt to get someone else as a guide. In the US, celebrities and other couples have admitted to going for couples therapy in order to fix their broken relationships. It all boils down to whether something is worth fighting for.

From Ms Alia Mathur


Offering guidance

In my opinion, counselling is needed. Today, divorce has become very common, not only in the UAE but in India as well. The main reason for this is ego, a lack of understanding, not giving equal respect to each other and above all, professional jealousy. However, despite couples being educated, divorce cases are still increasing every year, which is sad. Some couples have opted for a divorce because of the husband’s habits and harassment. To overcome all these complications, counselling may help. It would guide people on how to properly adjust to married life and to understand the concept of marriage. Counselling may bring down today’s divorce percentage.

From Mr K. Ragavan


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