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A deep sense of compassion

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

Image Credit: Venkatesan Sundar
Gulf News reader Sundar's Arowana fish had to be moved into their new home.
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A deep sense of compassion

In a world where animal abuse is common, any effort to save a life is commendable. Since 2008, we have had two Arowana fish, which we keep in an metre-long aquarium in our house. In June, we moved to a new apartment. We wanted to temporarily relocate the fish and asked the shop we bought them from, for help. It was during the last week of Ramadan and their working hours were reduced. They agreed to keep our fish in the shop’s tank and to transfer them to our new location once the aquarium was set up. The fish weren’t happy with the change of location and refused to eat. The shopkeeper requested us to transfer them as soon as possible. It was a problem to get the movers to shift the tank at such short notice. But, three employees from the shop agreed to shift the tank themselves, even though they were off duty and were fasting, too! The aquarium weighed about 100 kilograms, but they managed to shift it. Before iftar, they moved the aquarium and set it up. Later, with a lot of care, they transferred the fish to the aquarium. They were happy when they learnt that the fish were eating and doing well. This showed us that the spirit of giving is still alive in our society and we must be proud of it. Such small acts of kindness can leave a great impression on a person.

From Mr Venkatesan Sundar


Mind your language

Nawaz Sharif was the best prime minister in the history of Pakistan (“Supreme Court decision a ‘joke’: Pakistan’s Sharif”, Gulf News, August 11). If he has committed a crime, he will be held accountable, but I believe that the court’s decision was wrong and without merit. Those who are using putting him down should keep in mind that he was named prime minister of Pakistan thrice. When you become a prime minister three times, then you can use such language against him.

From Mr Mohammad Altaf


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Looting the people

Mr Mohammad Altaf, I feel sorry that you are defending a corrupt man and don’t believe he is dishonest. He was looting our country, Pakistan, for three decades and the Supreme Court confirmed this. If he was not corrupt, then why didn’t his political party appeal in the beginning? Were they thinking of bribing the judges? This time they went against an honest judge.

From Mr Tarek Khan


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An elected error

It was not an insult to voters, but a relief, when they found that their selected prime minister was guilty. He was corrupt and can no longer be dishonest with the nation. If he was right, it would mean that the Supreme Court lied. Sharif and his family failed to defend themselves, they failed to submit any proof and even tried to create fake documents to hide evidence of their corruption. He is a three-time elected official, but always failed to complete his tenure. He has not done anything positive for Pakistan and has also failed to hide his corrupt actions. The people supporting such corrupt leadership are blinded by him.

From Mr Kaamil Sethi


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Replenish Pakistan’s treasure

It is so shameful that Sharif was the prime minister of Pakistan. I believe he was an insult to his position as prime minister, and we salute the court’s decision to remove him from this position. Now, we can hope for the betterment of the country. The Supreme Court needs to imprison Sharif and bring back all the money from his assets into the country, because that isn’t their wealth, rather it is Pakistan’s treasure.

From Mr R. Khan


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Congress: 1, BJP: 0

Without a doubt, the victory of Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary, Ahmad Patel, is a real boost for the sagging Congress Party (“Ahmad Patel triumphs in dramatic Gujarat election”, Gulf News, August 10). This victory is sweeter, as despite the best efforts of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he was able to capture a seat in the Rajya Sabha. While it is a real blow to BJP, this victory is a shot in the arm of the Congress, especially in the state of Gujarat, where the elections are due. It is high time the Congress Party’s president took into account the views of some of their member of legislative assembly (MLA), who have worked against their own party.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan

Chennai, India

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