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A balance of good and bad

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A balance of good and bad

The best moment for me was Ramadan 2017 (“Letters: Best is yet to come”, Gulf News, December 31). As always, most of us get blessed during this holy month. Staying in Riyadh and missing the bliss of Ramadan in Dubai, the best thing that happened to me was meeting a new friend, who keeps me motivated, happy, enthusiastic and active. If I have lived a day ahead after Ramadan, it’s because of her by my side. She is a good friend and my best friend! Meeting her was the best thing that happened to me this year. My worst moment was when I had to bathe a corpse for the first time, and it was my grandmother’s. The lessons I learned and the emotions I had gone through was an experience I will not forget. It was the worst moment of my life since I lost my grandmother.

From Ms Sabuna Manaf


Practice what you promise

India is actually following a bad form of democracy in the world, where the people will lose their power with the completion of the elections (“South Indian superstar Rajinikanth launches political party, to contest next election”, Gulf News, January1). Actually, elected representatives are duty bound to implement the election manifestos in letter and spirt. If they cannot do so, they should resign from the posts for the sake of the nation. President Donald Trump is an exemplary person in this regard. Even though his deeds are unfit for a country like the US, he is implementing many of his promises made during his election days.

From Mr Girish R Edathitta


VAT and its implications

The implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) is a big alarm for the lower income groups in the UAE, as they will feel the pinch (“Why is VAT not even an indirect factor in residential sales?”, Gulf News, December 30). Increasing the cost of everyday life supplies is expected to compel the people to think for other options of living. To elaborate, I can say that a vast amount of people started planning to shift their families back home, especially families having school going children. The major increase in transportation cost, stationary cost, and extracurricular activity will be moving out of reach of the middle classes. The average monthly expenditure like electricity bills, internet connection, and more, will also be a burden for the average salaried person. Whereas, the higher income individuals will not be that affected by VAT.

From Mr Arslan Raza Firdousi


Dignity and respect

This is with reference to the recent visit of Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav’s mother and wife’s visit to Islamabad (“Glass panel separates Kulbhushan Jadhav from wife and mother “, Gulf News, December 27). After so many months of requesting, the mother and wife of the convicted spy, Jadhav, were allowed to see him in the Islamabad jail. Jadhav was abducted by Pakistani forces from Iran when he was on his business visit. However, his mother and wife were mistreated, despite their request to see Jadhav was sanctioned. Visitors should be treated with respect and dignity. This incident is not palatable.

From Mr K Ragavan


The end of an era

It’s just due to the demolition of the building and it is not pertaining to the sales of the restaurant (“Last supper at Geetar, one of Sharjah’s oldest restaurants”, Gulf News, December 30). I hope it restarts taking a place somewhere nearby, as we have loved the food there and have been regular customers. But additionally, the manager and the staff were very cooperative in terms of providing service and were very hospitable. Being Gujaratis, we always missed our home and food. We used to cater from the delicious food found at Geetar restaurant.

From Ms Christaina Kamaluddin Mohamed Ali


Facebook comment

Some things don’t change

This is just sad to hear! I really hope they will open up somewhere nearby and soon. The daily Thali (rice combo) and Friday puri bhaji (fried bread and potato) cannot be replaced. They served my family for more than 30 years. The staff were like family and when I visit they would say, ‘chotu ko chapathi de’ (Give the kid a roti).

From Mr Rashid Hashim


Fond memories

I have had lunch and dinner completely free of cost 10 to 12 times with my family during a visit to the UAE, last February and March. I offer my best wishes to the management and staff, and hope they come back soon with a new place. Thanks to the management.

From Mr Atulkumar Bapodra


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