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When considering a residency by investment programme, there are several options to choose from but what influences the ultimate decision to choose a specified programme lies in the details, which include the cost of the programme, location, and the amount of access a programme offers. It also depends on the benefits offered, like education and health, and how long it will take to obtain citizenship.

According to DRP Advisers a leading real estate investment and EU citizenship consultancy in Portugal, “Several highly sought after residency by investment programmes exist in Europe, top of the list being Portugal, Spain, and Greece, all offering the Golden Visa with residency to foreign nationals in return for investment."

Even though the Golden Visa programmes are similar there are varying aspects that will ultimately influence an individual’s choice in deciding which is ideal for them.

• The minimum investments for the Spanish and Greek Golden Visas are 500k, whereas the Portugal Golden Visa is 280k.

• It takes 5 years to acquire citizenship with the Portugal Golden Visa, whereas it takes 10 and 7 years respectively or more to acquire Spanish and Greek passports.

• It is mandatory to live in Spain or Greece to be eligible for passports, unlike Portugal where you only need to spend 7 days a year.

Ultimately, the best EU visa programme is Portugal because it is more affordable, offers unbeatable tax benefits to foreign nationals, makes it possible for foreign nationals to work in Portugal, and is a much quicker way to acquire EU Citizenship within 5 years. No wonder it is the top programme for US and UK citizens, as well as expatriates from the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world.

DRP Advisers is a top real estate consultancy that was established in 2015 to serve the real estate demands of both local residents and expatriates from all over the world working tirelessly to assist its clients to gain resident status as well as citizenship in Portugal. DRP Advisers has been in business for eight years and has the upper hand, relations, expertise, and competence to actualise real estate and Portuguese EU citizenship ambitions.

With a major presence in the Portuguese locations of Lisbon and Madeira, where it has offices, DRP Advisors, with its extensive portfolio of properties, is well positioned to meet the needs of clients from all over the world. All DRP Advisers' solutions are tailored to varying individual needs, easing immigration, helping to cut down taxes, counter visa restrictions and create a safe haven.

Obtaining citizen status in Portugal comes with a slew of advantages, including the freedom as well as ease of working legally within the EU, and travel benefits with fewer visa limitations than most countries.

The team of experts can be contacted at + 351 912 585 085. For more information, visit their website https://www.drpadvisers.com/about