Jeremy Savory

Jeremy Savory, Founder and CEO, Savory & Partners

• What makes Portugal such a tantalising option for families looking out for residency through investment options?

From my personal experience of living in Portugal, it has everything that families prioritise. Access to exceptional education, quality healthcare, safety, low cost of living, amazing climate and of course accessibility.

• Highlight 3 popular neighbourhoods across Portugal’s cities for families looking to buy a home.

Number 1, I would say is Melides. It’s right next to Comporta, which is fast becoming one of the most expensive price per sqm, attracting ultra HNW Europeans and Americans. The Municipality of Oeiras is equidistant between Cascais and Lisbon and you get a lot more value for the price per sqm you pay. You can invest in an office space, get a Golden Visa, and you would get very high-quality tenants too. I used to live in Paço de Arcos but a neighbourhood that I’ve fallen in love with is Belem. Beautiful green surroundings with parks, beach-front restaurants and you’re also next to many cultural and historical landmarks.

• Elaborate on some of Portugal’s social security and health benefits for residents?

You have access to free public education and healthcare, both of which are top-notch. The Portuguese social security system offers protection to all residents. If unemployed, you may qualify under your home country’s system, as long as it has an agreement in place.

• What are the challenges you foresee for young families looking to migrate to Portugal?

Portugal is extremely hospitable, and everyone speaks English, so it’s easy to assimilate but you would find that knowledge of the Portuguese language is at times the only way to get things done. Like your utility bills, for example, will be in Portuguese. Another would be orienting yourself into a new country. Savory and Partners has a strong bilingual team in Lisbon to help our investors assimilate into Portuguese life.

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Helena Savory, MD, Savory & Partners

• From a mother’s perspective, how safe and secure is Portugal for families choosing to opt for residency through investment?

In Portugal you feel safe everywhere and you realise that this country enjoys very low crime rates when you see the police looking after new projects under construction and not chasing criminals.

I would look at young children playing outside, because in future it would be my boys playing out there, and I always saw a very healthy outdoor environment, focused on surfing and cycling.

• Schooling and education are top priorities for parents when relocating to a new home in a new country. In your view how expansive is Portugal’s education sector, with emphasis on its schooling?

We found good international preschools with a sophisticated play system. Kids can be enrolled as early as 1y/o and before 6 y/o, and while not mandatory, many working parents choose this option.

The majority of international schools are from the UK, France, US and Germany and many educational programmes follow the IB curriculum. Those schools are usually in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.

The national curriculum includes English, which is mandatory, and from grade 7, students can choose another foreign language, usually French or Spanish; this is why most Portuguese speak two or three languages.

• As a mother and managing director of a global immigration consultancy, what are your views on women empowerment through investment migration to countries such as Portugal?

Portugal occupies the sixth position in the ranking of countries with the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs, ahead of countries such as Spain, Italy or Ireland. Women are making their way to the top of the business ladder, and investment migration can help them take their success to the global stage.

Webinar on Residency by Investment in Portugal

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