Australia train fight
A video of a fight on a train in Australia between a man and woman because he asked her to cover her mouth when she coughs, goes viral Image Credit: YouTube

As coronavirus spreads around the globe, the scare surrounding the disease is real. People in some countries are debating whether to go out and others are on complete lockdown like in Italy.

Now, a video that has emerged from Australia of a woman getting called out by a man for deliberately coughing at him has gone viral online. The video made netizens furious.

Australia has seen an increase in positive cases of the coronavirus in recent weeks, with more than 80 cases and three deaths so far.

People are taking extra precautions whenever they notice someone coughing or having flu-like symptoms in public.

The video was shot in a Sydney's intercity V-set train.

The minute-long clip shows a man and a woman in an altercation after the man told the woman to cover her mouth when she coughs.

The man can be heard accusing the woman, sitting in front of him, of coughing without covering her mouth. The woman responds: “I did not open my mouth when I coughed, I coughed inside my mouth.”

He replies: “It's disgusting.”

"Yeah, you are disgusting too," she said before fake coughing towards the man’s direction.

The man looks shocked and says: “Are you serious? Did you just cough at me?” to which the woman replies: "I don't have the pandemic.”

The verbal fight continues for a little longer and the woman calls the man a “bully” as he takes out his phone and starts recording her.

While recording her, he says: "I asked you politely to cover your mouth and you coughed at me."

This exchange between the two has gone viral online. Most netizens are furious at the woman but there are also those who think the man “overreacted”

Commenting on the incident, Twitter user @patricksamphire wrote: “Don't be this woman.”

On YouTube, user Graeme F commented: “What an awful woman! And as always it is her accusing the man of being a bully for asking her to cover her mouth when she coughs. She is a true example of the entitled people on this planet.”

Whereas user Rodya thought that the man was in the wrong: “She did not open her mouth! He is more likely to get the virus from his […] unkempt beard.”

Similarly, Twitter user @DenisPavlovich4 posted: “If he had any concern he would not of been on a train to start with.”