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Australian politician Fraser Anning was egged by a young protester, for islamophobic comments Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video

Dubai: Queensland senator Fraser Anning was egged while speaking to the media at a political meeting in Melbourne.

The Australian politician faced social media fury after he issued an Islamophobic statement after the terror attack in New Zealand.

The footage of the incident went viral on Twitter. The video shows a young man filming Senator Anning with his mobile phone, and then smashes the egg on the back of the senator's head.

In response, Senator Anning swings two punches at the youngster. A staffer for Senator Anning then separates the senator from the young man who was later led away by police.

According to media reports, a Victoria Police spokesman said officers arrested the 17-year-old boy from Hampton who was released pending further inquiries.

The boy was hailed on social media. Tweep @farhanz24 posted a video of the incident: “Australian cracks an egg on senator Fraser Annings (who passed a statement that Christchurch incident was [a result of] of Muslim immigration.)

Tweep @kateforster who apparently knows the young man posted: “Couldn’t be prouder of one of my son’s friend who just cracked an egg on Fraser Annings head.”

In a later tweet, she added that the young boy's name is Will.

Replying to her, @bytimbaker tweeted: “Absolute legend. Hope he’s okay after the touch up from Annings goons.”

And, @mrjarrodglover replied: “He's an absolute hero. The bravery he showed was just incredible. Really hope he's doing ok after the violence he copped today.”

@kateforster replied: “He's at the hospital now.”

Twitter user @mel_218 posted: “To the teenager who just egged the racist aussie senator Fraser Anning, you are a hero and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”