Posts of love and support were being shared by users on Twitter Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: As the world dealt with the shocking attacks at two mosques in New Zealand, social media users spoke out with a loud and clear message of peace.

Social media was used by the attackers as well to share their manifesto. One of the attackers also live streamed the shooting on Facebook. However, users reacted with posts of inclusivity, rejecting hate.

Many social media users urged people to not share the horrifying video that showed the camera view of the attacker as he entered the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Christchurch.

Others used the hashtag #TheyAreUs after New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden used the words during a press conference soon after the attacks.

Tweep @pepperraccoon addressed the concerns that many other users also shared about migrants who might feel unsafe in New Zealand. Sharing a picture post with #TheyAreUs, she wrote: “Getting off Twitter, the feed and the media is a trashfire and I can’t take it. Leaving this here. Please share it wherever you want, may it lend the people who need it strength. You are welcome here, this is our home, together. #TheyAreUs”


Other users spoke in support of the Muslim community and urged people not to normalise hate. Tweep @Emfromthetron wrote: “Let’s be clear. Whoever you believe in, wherever you come from, you ARE wanted and welcome in NZ. Don’t let the actions of a few let you think otherwise #theyareus #Christchurch”