Men will be banned from seeing a video showing Muslim women revealing their faces without veils at a New Zealand art gallery next month, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt near Wellington will host the world premiere of the work by Qatari writer and filmmaker Sophia Al Maria, called Cinderazahd: For Your Eyes Only.

It features female family members and friends without hijabs, or veils, getting ready for a cousin’s wedding. It was filmed in exclusively female zones inside a home, the Dominion Post reported.

It quoted Al Maria as saying, “They, like this work, should be treated as privileged and private — for women’s eyes only.”

Dowse director Cam McCracken told the paper, “I haven’t seen the work, and I won’t. I’ve bought into the fact that we take this work on the proviso that no men see it. We respect the artist and the privacy of the women who are portrayed.”

A spokeswoman for the Human Rights Commission said it had advised the Dowse that any man who complained would have an “arguable case” for sexual discrimination under the Human Rights Act. But she said a complainant would need to show he had suffered detriment that was “more than trivial”.

McCracken said the video would be part of an exhibition called In Spite of Ourselves: Approaching Documentary featuring the works of 17 artists.