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Abu Dhabi: The 8-year-old Egyptian boy, Abdul Rahman Ahmed Taha, stole the spotlight on Tik Tok with his talent to imitate actors such as Adel Imam, Saeed Saleh and Samir Ghanem.

His widely circulated funny clips on social media made Taha one of the most popular creators as he excelled in imitating the mega comedians’ words and gestures.

Taha’s followers nicknamed him the child prodigy.

His videos have achieved millions of views and drawn over one million TikTok followers in 4 months.

He appeared in the videos, accompanied by his parents, who provide a part of the scene to present his talent.

Taha’s father said his child, who is studying in the 4th grade, loves acting, drawing and sports, noting that he filmed his first clip of Adel Imam from the play “The School of Rioters” during the summer vacation.

He pointed out that his son has a light-heartedness and loves comedy, which helped him to have his own character.

“My son is not looking for fame as he deals with the instinct of a child who practices the hobby he loves,” the father said.

He pointed out that Taha chooses the clips he loves and makes him laugh.

“After the spread of his clips, offers for acting came to him, but he is still waiting for the best for him, which highlights his talent,” the father said.

About the parents’ appearance with him in the clips and whether they are subjected to bullying, the father explained that the followers are supportive of all of them, and they accept positive and negative criticism, since expressing an opinion is a right for all.

With regard to the fame that he achieved and how to deal with it, taha’s father explained that he and his mother are working to educate him, support him, and give him self-confidence to be proud of himself.