'Baby Bear' is now up for adoption. Image Credit: Supplied

Beirut: A Lebanese man cried his heart out as he rushed to rescue a puppy that had suffered horrific torture. Its ears had been chopped off, and it was left in the rain.

The animal-lover, identified as Ali M., heard the puppy weeping outside in the cold weather, and rescued it in the Aaramoon area of Beirut.

Ali took the animal to the nearest veterinary doctor, and contacted Animals Lebanon in an attempt to have it adopted.

Animals Lebanon is a registered charity that has worked for animal welfare and protection since 2008.

The animal suffered extreme brutality.

The organisation posted on its social media accounts about the incident, bemoaning the “shocking cruelty” visited upon the puppy. It named the animal ‘Baby Bear’, and announced that it’ll soon be up for adoption.

Gulf News contacted Maggie Shaarawi, Vice President of Animals Lebanon, who said: “Baby Bear suffered the worse. He is barely six weeks old. The cruelty he has seen is unacceptable and against ethics, morals and any religion. We will give him all the love he needs and make sure that it sees nothing but kindness. It is currently at a foster home receiving lots of love and we are hoping to find him a good adopter.”

The organisation posted on its Instagram page (@animalslebanon) how the rescuer heard its cries and ran to help the animal.

Despite repeated calls, Gulf News couldn’t reach Ali. The Animals Lebanon’s team and the vet were taken aback by the level of cruelty Baby Bear had suffered, as its ears were cut without anaesthesia and for unclear reasons.

It is now on antibiotics and painkillers.

Paying in US dollars

Given the dire economic situation that Lebanon is facing, Shaarawi said their mission is becoming more difficult as prices are rising and they need to pay most suppliers in cash and in US dollars.

Their fundraising event was recently cancelled, and adoption rates are going down. Many animals adopted earlier are being returned. But Animals Lebanon has vowed to continue its work.