Naoum Labib Abdel Malik and Ishaq Naseem Al Kass Abdul Masih were last seen in Hermosillo city. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two Egyptian teenagers have been reported missing in Mexico since Thursday.

The Attorney General’s Office of the state of Sonora on Thursday announced that the two missing Egyptian teenagers may be in danger after they mysteriously vanished while touring the city of Hermosillo.

According to media reports, it has been six days since Naoum Labib Abdel Malik, 15 and Ishaq Naseem Al Kass Abdul Masih, 17, were seen in Hermosillo city. The teenagers, who arrived earlier in Mexico as tourists, vanished in mysterious circumstances.

“Both young Egyptian men, who disappeared on Thursday, may be in danger, due to the lack of information about their whereabouts, according to an official statement from Mexican authorities quoting the Attorney General’s Office.