Abu Dhabi: Lebanese citizens, both in the UAE and at home, waited with bated breath to see the outcome of the heated parliamentary elections that took place on Sunday, June 7.

Official results have shown that the March 14 coalition had won 71 seats and March 8 coalition 57 seats.

"I'm happy that they [March 14] won. Hopefully, they'll bring peace to Lebanon and the region. Hariri's father [Rafik] did a lot for the country. It seems that they're serious about doing more to add to his work," Racha Zeidan, a 31-year-old marketing manager based in Dubai, said. She added that hopefully Lebanon could go forward and develop more, instead of being stuck with the destruction that happened in the past.

Ali Gobeir, a 39-year-old account manager also based in Dubai, agreed: "We [March 14] were the party for it. The Lebanese believe in us and our roadmap for the country.

"This also sent a message that they [Lebanese] are not happy with Aoun and Hezbollah ... people have the right to say ‘stop' we're not with you anymore."

Tarek Chehab, a 21-year-old university student from Ras Beirut, said: "I didn't really follow the elections, but I think it's good that March 14 won. A lot of people were worried about what might happen if Hezbollah won. Hopefully there'll be some stability now."

However, not all are happy with the results of the election.

"I would have preferred to see new candidates or groups, instead of people from either March 14 or March 8. That way, we could try to see whether or not they're good," Berge Pashabezian, a 60-year-old Lebanese Armenian expatriate from the Metn district in Mount Lebanon said.

An Aoun supporter, Berge said despite the March 8 coalition's loss, he will support the new government.

"Just because we lost, it doesn't mean that I will get depressed and stay at home. Now everyone has to work together and not focus on individual groups. They should sit down and see what is best for the country," he said.