Tunisian forensic experts work on the scene after police shot at a man wanted for terrorism in Al Intilaka, near Tunis in a file photo. Image Credit: AP

Tunis; Tunisian forces dismantled a cell linked to Daesh in the southern city of Tataouine that was planning to attack security and military forces, the interior ministry said on Friday.

Six years ago a Daesh terrorist shot dead 39 foreigners on a beach in Sousse, triggering an exodus of tourists and severely damaging Tunisias economy.

Since then Tunisia has grown more effective in preventing and responding to attacks, but sleeper cells still pose a threat, especially with the return of militants from Syria, Iraq and Libya.

They planned to carry out terrorist attacks targeting the security and military units on the region (Tataouine), using explosive devices, the ministry said in a statement.

It didn’t say how many people had been involved in the cell, how it had been detected, or what action was being taken against the suspects.