Supporters of Tunisian club Africain were arrested after protesting about the club's woes. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Tunisian security forces arrested dozens of football fans after clashes between both sides, local media reported.

The arrests were made after thousands of the troubled Tunisian club Africain’s fans gathered Saturday to protest against the team’s poor results and financial woes including heavy debts.

The protesters demanded president of the club Abdel Salam Al Yonsi resign, blaming him for problems of the team that ranks 11th in the Tunisian league. They also called for official intervention to improve the club’s situation.

The Tunisian Interior Ministry said that a large number of Africain’s supporters had gathered outside the premises of the Ministry of Sports and adjoining sports institutions. Some of them attempted to storm the buildings, according to the ministry.

Large group

“When security units stationed in the place tried to stop them, a large group of these fans attacked security forces with stones and fireworks, injuring an unspecified number of them,” the ministry added in a statement.

Security forces dispersed the protesters with tear gas and detained dozens of them, according to local witnesses.

Tunisian radio Mosaique FM estimated that at least 70 people were arrested, but some lawyers put the figure at over 200.

Last October, Africain marked its 100th anniversary.