Syrian actor Shadi Zidan. Image Credit: Facebook

Dubai: Syrian actor Shadi Zidan, brother of well-known Ayman Zidan, has died at the age of 49 after being hospitalized in critical condition for several days following a stroke, local media reported.

Zidan was filming a series for Ramadan when he suffered a brain haemorrhage, which led to his hospitalisation.

He had entered a coma and was reported to have internal bleeding. The Artists’ Syndicate in Syria has mourned his passing, praising his comedic works in the series such as “Ayla 6 Nojoum” and “Ayla 7 Nojoom”, as well as his roles in “Very Good”, “Brothers of the Dirt”, and “The Hotel”. Zidan had recently completed filming his role in the upcoming series “Zakak Al Jinn”.

He had also recently participated in a voluntary campaign with his brother and nephew to collect aid for areas affected by the earthquake.

The Syrian actor was born in 1974 and grew up in a conservative family. Zeidan also participated in many television series, including: The Birds of Thorns, Return to Haifa, and Hulagu. He distinguished himself in his role in the series My Grandfather’s House S2. He also participated in the series Rain Chant.